Received 2 Karmas
richesndreams Apr 17, 18 12:04 AM

Good deal, man! Thanks for commenting! All the best!

JeepTrader Apr 17, 18 11:18 AM

Great post. Yes, we all have to be patient. I'm glad that I have a J.O.B right now to allowing the ability to pay bills and learn at the same time. Focus on learning and the patterns. The money will follow.

richesndreams Apr 17, 18 10:07 PM

@kobayashimaru Rereading these comments. Yes! As Anand says, it's ALL about the trade!! I need to BEAT this into my head!!! Over and over again!!!!

richesndreams Apr 17, 18 10:08 PM

@JeepTrader Me too! anice part-time gig going. I want a $1M dollars to keep me going for the next 60 years! Yes, patterns are SO important. They do happen aagain and again - some more than others. Patterns make our trades more predictable, more confident, more playable and bankable with less losses.

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