anderton88 May 24, 18 5:54 AM

Whats the statistical edge of this indicator versus RSI or MA cross?

rivera1632 May 24, 18 9:03 AM

@anderton88 The Daily chart with the EMA and the SMAs shows me if the price action will hit any resistance and/or support. I use this in the morning to see the stock is even worth putting on the watchlist.

rivera1632 May 24, 18 9:05 AM

@anderton88 After that, I use the 1min and the 5min for intraday plays. The 1min is used to base my entry and the 5 min is too see when to get out. The 5min helps with eliminating all the 1min noise. I use the VWAP to see if I should be long or short depending on if the price action is above or below. Last, the 9EMA and the 20EMA is for the MA cross over. You'll see arrows on the chart when the EMAs cross.

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