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LeviBlank Nov 18, 18 11:53 AM

Hey man great blog post, thanks for sharing your feelings and emotions. Keep your head up and keep working hard, great things are sure to come! You said it best buddy, don't just trade to trade. That is a problem we all have, so don't feel too alone. The chat room can be a great resource but try not to get too much FOMO when you see others posting trades and what not. Keep your eye on the prize and keep grinding! Have a great rest of your Sunday :)

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Jakestocks52 Feb 03, 12:02 PM

i've watched this multiple times and everytime its great and i feel like i learn a little more, love live videos!!! thanks huddie

JMad Feb 18, 6:02 AM

I'm going to watch this tons of times so I can really follow the turn. Your videos keep getting better and better. Thanks so much for all your support and teaching as well.

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TreeTrader Nov 21, 18 6:44 PM

Damn Huddie, these video lessons are proof you're on your way to being one of the greats. Excellent content sir

dmatin Nov 21, 18 10:41 PM

6:40 first Roland now you with the boxmod. Maybe it's the vape juice that makes ya'll good traders lol

SafariTrader Jan 14, 8:30 PM

Fantastic information! Thanks for sharing!

DC_757 Jan 17, 3:51 PM

Thanks Huddie, great information.

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gavinluke Mar 08, 7:10 PM

Dominic this is awesome bro! It's super encouraging for where I'm at right now and really, really practical advice/encouragement to keep moving forward. Thanks for taking the time to think this through and write it out!

kjc9trader Mar 08, 7:18 PM

Thanks for this video - I liked it - and will check out more of him... GREAT post!...

kinghuh Mar 19, 10:56 PM

Great post...thank you!!

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