[TimAlerts] $KOPN is up on a deal with Samsung although whoever wrote those articles is slick. The deal is between Amazon and Samsung and the article briefly mentions that $KOPN is a similar company that signed a deal with Geortek.


[TimAlerts] There's one report that $KOPN signed a deal with Geortek, which is true. But then there's another report stating they signed a deal with Samsung but that's just not true...

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tradethedayaway Jan 03, 17 10:48 PM

See if you can google what is considered "low float" as different traders have different ideas about it as applies to their plan. Some will say ideally under 100K or under 50K. Another thing to consider is how often the entire float turns over during a period of time.

roziebear Jan 04, 17 7:03 AM

Thank you for responding!

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