@rugby Trying to get an understanding of your trading style, your longer term positions seem to fit my risk appetite and preference a bit more than other styles I've seen. Do you use any indicators? Even something as simple as a 200 SMA, or are you strictly clean chart support/resistance levels only? Thanks.

Tactik Nov 14, 16 9:11 PM

@rugby would the Elliot Wave Theory be one of those cycles or something similar to it?

rugby Nov 15, 16 9:27 AM

Most stuff out there is too slow for leveraged ETFs, my goal is to get in and out with $500 to $1000 gain in as short as time as possible using 1000 shares+/-. Any charting technique is going to show you what you should have done after you should have done it. Longer plays, sure, give it a go BUT you will miss lots of $$$ while you wait for the longer move. My technique is a blend of charting, history and feel for the ETF

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