[TimAlerts] CATQ I've been getting the calls for ~6 weeks. I've made money several times on the dips but its getting towards the end now. several red days now. supposedly the symbol is changing now that the acquisition is complete but that's all scammy crap from the promoters.


[TimAlerts] I'm getting phone calls about CATQ. A few weeks ago they encouraged me to buy at it's at 1.35... Then i got another call saying now is another good time to buy because it will go to 1.40 or 1.50 by EOD. He asked whether I'd be interested, and told me to hold while he asked the desk if they had shares available at 1.28... Then it suddenly dropped to 1.25 while I was on the phone. I think the day to day trend says it's crashing to .90 in 3 days... But the dailies do show that it might b

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