@ryansuv87 Indeed it is mate. For sure I've been member for a couple of years And I also subscribe to another Guru called Guy Cohen. I embarked on this trading about 5 years ago but only with Tim Sykes for a couple of years. Also subscribing to STT. Only spreadbet using IG Index which have many of these low priced stocks. Any Qs don't be afraid to hollow.

ryan_trader87 Mar 24, 17 4:40 PM

who would you recommend to use as a broker, ive only got about £1000 so cant use the bigs one, i also dont really want to use suretrader becuase ive heard its not safe, how are you getting on with trading, do you do it full time? i use stt i think its good but i havent used any of the others, i need to get a decent laptop because my one i have doesnt always log me in to stt, trading is so expensive but rewarding if you can crack it

delbert71 Mar 27, 17 3:50 PM

Well I use igindex which are based here (London) they do cover many of the low priced stocks. I don't buy shares I spreadbet with them. I have around £1200 in my trading pot also. I trade part time. Yes I also got involved in STT. I was using Worden's Telechart. When using STT you need a powerful computer as it sounds like yours in crashing this implies the spec of your machine doe snot meet the miniuim spec. Go to the STT website and review the mininium requirements. So in brief you require

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