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gbayconi Dec 24, 19 5:42 PM

I like the way you move and am on the same track! What have you been studying!!

sailormanjac Dec 25, 19 12:00 PM

I started a year ago with all of the free content on youtube, paid for three segments of claytrader, which provided all of the basics, candles, charting, support, resistance, enties, exits and studies. joined Bullish Bears, great inexpensive content, did Tim's HTMM, Supernova and Traders checklist. Tim's first intro 60 videos and probably a thousand more. Watch anything with Tim Grittani, Nate Michaud and Tim Bohen. I follow boiler room trading and Nate Michaud. Lastly I have read 'How to make m

sailormanjac Dec 25, 19 12:03 PM

money in the stock market' by William O'Neill,'The Playbook' by Mike Belafiore and 'The complete pennystocking guide' which is Tim's stuff written by someone else. I also suggest all of the free videos from SMB Capital, they are very technical but after you figure out their in-house jargon they do some amazing trades.

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