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md2263 May 15, 11:45 AM

Andrew- thanks for your karmas! Yes, position size is key. It's all about risk. If you're risk averse, trade modest amounts. Once your trading execution skills are good, then you can ramp up the amounts you bet. It isn't a sure thing so you have to 'self-insure'. Very important. Baby steps, baby percentages and baby sums, at least for me!

Andras2K Jul 05, 7:57 AM

Good read! Thanks for the tips and reinforcements!

Itspayday Jul 12, 11:54 AM

thank you Androoo, man! I appreciate your thought on this, you're right on touching the topic of SIZING, I have same struggles. thank you for the RULES TO FOLLOW I like them I'll implement this asap.

Buckers Aug 13, 6:50 AM

After a sting of losing trades I keep coming back to this page as I appreciate your own thoughts through your experiences, I thank you for the time you put into explaining exactly the same feeling that am currently experiencing. Although I can say that I have not yet found a set up that actually works for me, I continue to track my trades feeling sure that one day the light bulb will come on. Again thank you for this insight. Best wishes and safe trading

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@JBLAKES just became a fully transparent trader today!

sailormanjac Dec 18, 19 9:29 AM

Hey Brah just wanted to thank you for your 9:28 chat. I was watching INPX all morning and got distracted your chat got my attention and I was able to get in the low end of the first green candle and that started the best day I have had yet. Thanks again. Aloha and good trading

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@KarolaCrawford just became a fully transparent trader today!

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sailormanjac Dec 18, 19 9:11 PM

sorry so long, guess there is a limit. I can do three trades a day so now I must wait for a setup anf then I must decide if it is worth taking or do I wait for the next one.

sailormanjac Dec 18, 19 9:12 PM

and btw how do you karma someone?

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