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THeronja Sep 06, 4:06 PM

This has blessed me, thank you. Getting back to this, was overwhelmed years ago when I first started, so stopped. Navigating and getting back into this. Great video!

9artsdragon Sep 07, 3:42 AM

great Recap video buddy, enjoyed these 3day weekend.. just pumped and ready to start september

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MONTHLY RECAP: 134.2K in profits. 247 wins and 12 losses on trades. Average win was 5.19% for the month. Lots of good things - keeping it rolling. REMEMBER: if you do the exact same trades.... and have an average position size of 5% of your accounts value, win 90% of your trades, wins being 5% and losses being 5%, and trade 200 times per month... your account will grow 40% MONTHLY. It is insane. This is my goal every month and I have not been perfect but I have grown 32% per month for 7 months this year. This is how an account grows parabolic. We will see based on market conditions, my personal trading, and shares available how long I can keep this going.

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samputnam Sep 09, 9:01 AM

congratulations. thank you

ATXTrader Sep 12, 10:37 PM

this is sooo inspiring. I've been paying attention to you in chat. You're strategy certainly is paying off with exponential account growth. I will continue to pay attention and hopefully learn your strategy.

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chisum Sep 09, 6:58 AM

Excellent data tracking. Very impressive. My question is: what is that gruvy music track in the background!?! @HOG8541

HOG8541 Sep 09, 10:53 PM

@chisum lol, I think it was lo fi, that's usually my go-to :)

9artsdragon Sep 11, 5:53 AM

Just watched this on, another excellent video buddy.. this is def good analysis to start practicing.

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