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newhope5025 Apr 28, 12:13 AM

Congrats!! These sub penny numbers makes me nervous, some day I shall be prepared too. Thank you for a nice post.

KrazyKarl Apr 28, 1:55 PM

Glad to see you tinkering with sub pennies. Thanks for the lessons.

IsaiahV Apr 29, 12:36 AM

Thanks for the vid!

AverageJoes Apr 29, 11:09 PM

Another great lesson! Thanks for the time you put into making the videos, its very helpful. I've learned the importance of consolidation through your feedback and videos.

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MaeRae Apr 25, 8:18 AM

Excellent vid! I learn something new every time I watch them. Thank you

TraderStal Apr 25, 9:35 PM

Thank you. Always enjoy your teachings

KrazyKarl Apr 26, 3:14 AM

Nothing wrong with trading scared. Thanks for the live trade Ellis

oldmanlogan Apr 30, 1:05 PM

@TraderStal Hi Crystal, my name is Johnny and I am a challenge student. I am interested in trading Crypto using the Kucoin platform and had some questions regarding Tim's material (charts/patterns/etc) and how it would apply to the Crypto market. Can you please support me?

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GLSilva Apr 07, 8:27 AM

Great video! Comparing HBLM with CYDY I ve seen that on the day you bought CYDY the price action remained above opening price and you bought it while it was 5% above. With HBLM it shows differently, your entry was when it was 4% below the opening price and it did not held near its highs... Anyway just a details but great video and knowledge shared! Congrats!

gflman Apr 07, 9:42 PM

Thanks Ellis.

KrazyKarl Apr 19, 6:56 PM

Good plan with the follow through, Thanks.

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taiwan Apr 05, 2:29 PM

Amazing lesson thank you Ellis!

TraderStal Apr 11, 8:15 PM

Thank you for the lesson!! Loved your encouraging mindset speach in the middle!

ZachEddy13 Apr 25, 10:44 PM

Awesome video! Been tracking my performance on different setups and seeing that I am way better at these consolidation/swizzle plays. Really cool to see a successful trader looking for the same type of action, and seeing entries and exits. Great to see a different perspective than the panics and crazy action that a lot of traders are looking for.

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jakemcg36 Apr 21, 9:04 PM

Thanks for the video! Just wondering, you wanted to get in at 1.72 but why not 1.68? That consolidation held longer there and it would've given you a higher ceiling. Was it just because volume picked up there or did you feel like it was a better entry level given it found support around there after coming off its highs earlier that day

KrazyKarl Apr 27, 9:19 AM

Thanks Ellis. Helps me with some thoughts on ABML now.

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