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vp_trader Feb 24, 1:13 PM

great vid Ellis. Thx man.

Trade2BFree Feb 24, 6:43 PM

Lots of good info! Thanks Ellis.

ArtOfWar Feb 24, 8:00 PM

@tatievj The guideline of the 20-30 rule is something I have studied over time as that is pretty consistent. I recommend starting with consolidation afternoon plays. Very clear and direct of what the stock wants to do near EOD. Ideally you want to start to analyze around 1:30Est and look for the break to the upside towards HOD. Review my videos. Plenty of them

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Gabytrader Dec 19, 20 8:06 PM

The daily on MVIS was a pretty good observation, red day not falling has high probabilities to become a Green Day tomorrow. Thank you!

Crazey_Canuck Dec 30, 20 9:00 PM

Very Nice and you do help a lot of people out very very cool Thanks Ellis Peace Out

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simonfuture2 Nov 30, 20 11:43 PM

@Mono_trader great video recap matt. i am having some issues with cutting my losses as well. also gettin excited to trade without a day trade available. today i made a mistake i havent made in over 6 months. and i just entered into a trade without an exit available. dumb move dumb trade! deserved loss. i need to end strong in December by following the rules ALL the WAY! and stay in my niche.

donn Dec 09, 20 7:39 AM

Matt, thanks for your transparency and keeping your trades up to date! For some reason some other big guns quit being transparent in August and makes me wonder if they are having a bad streak. Thanks again, it is helpful to see your progress, and very motivating.

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ravithb Sep 15, 20 4:49 PM

Thanks Ellis. This is really helpful for beginners

Pamalala Nov 17, 20 10:14 PM

Love your approach and method of teaching, Ellis! I'm going to watch and rewarth your videos, I like your clock speed of teaching.

scaredcynical Feb 27, 6:27 PM

Oui chef! Great way to simplify - I should have known this already, it does make it easier for me to understand what I am looking for. K.I.S.S.

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Breezlybruin Feb 09, 10:07 PM

Great video. Some clear and well demonstrated!

HIMMENY Feb 10, 6:05 PM

Great video and great breakdown, come back to this every so often to refresh, very well explained Thanks!

VanDeStadt Feb 17, 2:10 PM

For what it's worth if you're a TOS user: You can edit the Fibonacci Retracements drawing to quickly chart the 50% line like Jack does here. Here's how: Dawings>Fib Retracement (looks like %)>first mark the bottom where the first breakout starts>Mark the top of the peak. This will draw several %ages. Right Click this new drawing>edit properties> Only check the 0%, 50% boxes>Check the other box closest to 1.0 and edit the number to equal 1.0>change the colors of the lines to be the same. Voil

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