-$486 loss RGBP Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this strong first green day runner/former Supernova on rumors galore with their cancer treatment they just filed a patent on a few days ago, I'll explain more in a weekend video lesson, but I think this can keep running next week, ideally making 10-20% gains from here, cut losses if it can't hold these gains on this impressive volume

Exit comments: Out for small losses, no gap up or morning spike, remember rule #1 cut losses quickly, no biggie, just disappointing

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sdreasher61 Aug 05, 22 9:35 PM

I followed your lead Sir. 80,000 @ .0114. 2min. before closing. Smart phones come in handy dandy. Would have got in sooner but fell asleep. Finally bought a laptop and hooked up to the tele. 30 day Bootcamp complete. Starting orientation lesson #7 NOW.

Tusya1 Aug 06, 22 6:08 AM

Thank you.

spitzjr2314 Aug 08, 22 12:20 PM

what is a supernova? will someone explain what that is.

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Everyone thank Clay for such a great challenge webinar!

sdreasher61 Jul 27, 22 7:17 PM

Great job Clay. I haven"t watched your webinar yet. I am currently on day 24 of 30 day bootcamp. I joined the family on my 61st birthday (07/07/1961) as a retirement present to myself. This is my first day with a laptop. I've been

sdreasher61 Jul 27, 22 7:18 PM

opps!! Nerd moment. be back soon.

sdreasher61 Jul 27, 22 7:21 PM

As I was saying: I 've been working with a smart phone only. This will help. I look forward to following your jojurne

sdreasher61 Jul 27, 22 7:24 PM

journey and plan on meeting you when I reach the $800,000 level. Keep up the Great Work and stay Humble. Blessing to you and yours.

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