@sebastrades Hey man, when you started trading, can you please list the strategies you stuck with. I have been studying fo 2 months now but the picture is everywhere and I dont feel I have mapped a straight plan of attack.I am going to start paper trading to get my feet wet. Any further advise will be helpful

sebastrades Aug 29, 17 10:53 AM

I was buying mostly breakouts, for me I try to get in anticipating the b/o because a lot of times I got faked out, so I wanted a lower entry for better r/r, also just dip buying stocks with nice volume/charts/price action, just try not to get caught chasing, it happened to me a couple of times, and even though I was able to profit here and there, it wasn't a strategy, don't chase there will be good plays all the time just wait for them and try to get a nice entry point. it will just be trial and

sebastrades Aug 29, 17 10:56 AM

I was hit by a dd head on about 3 weeks ago so I've been away for a little but ill have a play here and there, the market has been a little harsh lately, especially on earnings and b/o's, its been mostly momentum plays lately, just be ready to adapt to the market and recognize what's running

sebastrades Aug 30, 17 3:34 PM

yeah drunk driver.. and thank you, I appreciate it!

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