n3ilbahl Apr 17, 17 9:43 PM

@timothysykes i bought everything from this website and your accusing me of stealing them? I don't know what I am doing wrong that was the main question I have spent a lot on my education and it clearly isn't coming back to me...

timothysykes Apr 17, 17 9:56 PM

@n3ilbahl you didn't get the DVDs under this username so no we have no record of you unless you have multiple aliases

n3ilbahl Apr 17, 17 10:15 PM

oh ok my bad tim I used a different account that I created earlier on I think the name was like n3iltrading or n3ilthetrader something like that but I bought everything at once there and never used the site until like march when I forgot the password and all that nonsense so I just opened a new account but yea I spent a lot on my education thank god for your sale though. what do you suggest I do, join the challenge?

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somusundaram Sep 19, 15 6:44 PM

As the masters advise, try to keep all trades in a spreadsheet and enter your comments on each entry/exit and analyse them at the end of the day. Take a screenshot of the chart, write down the news etc., Enter your comments after the analysis too. This will help in your future trades.

Retire_early2020 Sep 19, 15 9:23 PM

Great advice. As always, opportunity favors the prepared. This is MANDATORY for trading. No options or exceptions.

pennycapitalist Sep 21, 15 12:43 AM

Learn to accept your risk. You move your stop down only because you haven't accepted your risk. Otherwise you would have taken the loss and it would have been over. As you watch the price approach your stop, put your hands in your pocket and calmly accept that you are going to lose the risk exactly as you had planed. You can move your stop up to protect profits or even minimize loss, just never move it down. This is true even more for mental stops than hard stops.

Danebition Sep 21, 15 4:57 AM

@pennycapitalist you're right and I'm usually pretty good at respecting my risk. However, I failed to do so on one of my trades last week and that cost me.

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somusundaram Aug 29, 15 7:53 PM

As Tim says, its not an exact science. I believe each trade is unique. So its not a perpetual hell. You should not take ur chance when the support does not hold. IMO morning and mid day breakouts might behave violently but not the ones near the market close.

communist_owl Aug 31, 15 9:22 AM

@iLLeSt On the contrary, I always take very small position sizes (< 500 shares)

iLLeSt Aug 31, 15 9:25 AM

@communist_owl I would try risking about 2-4% of your account value on each trade. That is usually a decent amount to risk. If your stop doesn't risk that, it may be too close.

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larrydom Aug 25, 15 5:27 PM

L2 is not useless. I use etrade and it has been very helpful in making decisions.

somusundaram Aug 25, 15 5:27 PM

Try IB which is recommended by Tim and available to international subscribers

mrgib Aug 25, 15 7:46 PM

i found the IB traderworkstation way over the top for a new trader - das trader works fine for me

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Any home remedies to get rid of a deep, dry cough? I'll try anything!

Streamingmoney Aug 25, 15 4:05 PM

Try a teaspoon of turmeric and honey. Mix more honey than turmeric. Take it twice daily until you feel better. Careful turmeric is very bitter when you try it so add mor honey.

Streamingmoney Aug 25, 15 4:07 PM

Also try large amount of lemon in your water or tea. That helps to. Did that when I was sick last week.

Streamingmoney Aug 25, 15 4:08 PM

Will there be a prize on which remedy you try and feel better from us?

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charles_gan90 Aug 14, 15 11:31 PM

thanks for the insight..Great job. Seems like I need to save up a lot!

rivera1632 Aug 17, 15 10:53 AM

@StarSeedz Great post. I was in the same boat as you when I started. I quickly realized that having a small account was just not going to cut it if I wanted to see reasonable gains. So, I did exactly what you said - I studied and saved up to grow my account.

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