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Chas Oct 19, 16 10:52 PM

I am swinging banc to 15.00 because of bad SA article with false claims and a possible short squeeze.

spaceman2 Oct 21, 16 5:24 AM

What made you pick the .038 level on GBSN? On Thursday it was a great entry on that morning dip.

HebrewHammer Oct 22, 16 2:45 PM

@spaceman2 Thanks! Towards the close on Wednesday, it dipped to $0.0381 and held. I was going to use that as my risk (if it cracked below .038 I would have taken a small $50 loss) with the goal of it retesting the highs at $0.0525 right at the open Thursday. It closed strong so I held overnight and had my sell order ready at $0.05 first thing in the morning and luckily I got executed and made some decent profits. I'll take a 1-10 risk/reward ration any day :)

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