Received 3 Karmas
Lgrm321 May 20, 17 12:38 AM

I meant $4,166.06

stonertrader777 May 20, 17 2:12 AM

@Lgrm321 hahaha. It is not easy Luis, but when you really want something, and you are thinking about the longer term, this is just a minor setback. I will get all of that money back plus more in due time. However like I stated, I cannot focus on the money, I have to just focus on the process and make sure that I am following my plan.

Khermus May 20, 17 9:35 AM

I totally understand what you're saying! I'm finally starting to stay humbled, even after a big win. Your ego gets such a boost after a good trade, that you think you can handle the world. Have to take it one trade at a time. Just stay in the game and you will succeed!!!

stonertrader777 May 20, 17 3:36 PM

@Khermus Exactly right bro! LOL! Checking that ego is so important! Thanks man, with hard and dedication, we will definitely make it!!!

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