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2TheMoon Feb 23, 12:41 PM

Some losses, but nothing I will lose sleep over, as I am still disciplined unlike my old self!

2TheMoon Feb 23, 3:19 PM

Ah niiice so I'm still honouring my stops. Some bounced back to the original stop I wanted to exit. Since I originally missed some of my stops due to the pullback in pre pre market, I was given a second chance to exit safely.

001CP Feb 23, 5:07 PM

Thanks Paul.

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001CP Feb 19, 1:31 PM

Thanks Paul

x93mir15x Feb 19, 2:14 PM

You're the best, Paul. Thank you for TDAC! and all of your other great ideas.

2TheMoon Feb 19, 5:35 PM

Thanks, starting to really get a good disciplined routine for swing trading. I really was terrible in the past and now with strict rules, I can sleep at night knowing worst case scenario is my stop losses and mental stop losses are triggered.

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