YawnAlot Jan 17, 18 1:12 AM

Dang bro, dont try to fight revenge trade either. Just take it as a bad casino day. Start implementing stops before u get in a trade. Find the percent difference between ur entry and ur stop and choose an amount ur willing to lose if your stop gets hit. Divide the amount ur willing to lose with the percent diff and that will tell you how much $ u can enter the trade with. Try to enter right at support so u can risk very small percent. Dont be afraid to have wider risk with less size. Bet small a

tappingtapp Jan 17, 18 1:26 AM

I don't know how long you've been reading but I would recommend to go in small for the first few months and average up your winning % 50%-70% and then go in bigger. Thats my goal right now as well, stick to 1 patter and master it. also buy at weakness and sell into strength that way you minimize you risk level and let your winners run. I need to practice these thing too.

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