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jupiter Mar 07, 14 12:07 PM

Are you really so stupid and naive if you think that he will start to teach you. just think, why did he need this?

thebts Apr 29, 14 3:53 AM

the truth is no body is going to teach you anything. I have tried asking a few. But perhaps you can llok at the trade logs and determine entry or exit points. For Rugby I believe he is an intraday trader traing big lot sizes so determining exact entry and exit for his trades more difficult

chatcat Jun 01, 14 2:04 PM

Rugby, I really appreciate your trading style and would like to see you update your 2014 trades. Hope you'll at least consider an update. Thanks

chatcat Jul 03, 14 9:22 AM

Would you mind updating your trades? At least for those of us who like your style.

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