Things are so much clearer now that I've made this past weeks changes. My biggest problem was that my "scratch/break even losses" were too big ($150, $175). That told me that I was using too much size. Bringing my full-size down to $3,000 has been allowing me to easily keep losses under $50 this past week. I've also changed StocksToTrade around to make Level 2 three times bigger and STILL fill the screen completely with the chart, by hiding the watchlist after premarket is over. This way, I can focus only on the price-action without distraction. The third huge improvement to strategy is not looking for doubles or triples, but singles. My profit goal now for trades is $400-$800. $400 for a single, $800 for a double, $1200 for a triple; but willing to take anything below $400 without holding when the trade doesn't work.

therealmcdougal Jul 24, 19 6:49 PM

Sounds like you’re learning to tweak your setups and adapt to changing conditions, nice explanation here that will certainly help me, keep on rockin in the free world man!

PocketPAT Jul 25, 19 8:49 AM

@therealmcdougal hell yeah, the tweaking will never end lol. My constant goal is to keep losses as small as possible until the strategy is tweaked enough to start seeing consistent profits.

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