$95 profit AITX Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent runner with big news https://tim.ly/3HCog6c expanded partnership with a $6 billion company, bigtime legitimizer, let's see if it can recapture its big spiking from last week, goal is to make 10-20%, thanks STT Breaking News

Exit comments: I got a little spike but nothing huge, ENZC was the other former runner with news, that spiked a bit more, but both are pretty boring, bad overall market so far for spikers today, taking small gains, only rebuy if there's more spike/volume as this news is actually solid

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$150 profit ASTI Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm dip buying this big afterhours runner off its highs at 1.50ish as they withrew their offering, a common catalyst lately that's spiked these stocks big, goal is a 5-10% bounce, nothing huge, but its come almost al the way back down so I can't resist dip buying a small position

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but a nice little end of the day winner, don't underestimate trades like these, I'll do a video lesson reviewing as the risk/reward is superior and it's ideal for people with small accounts. Probly goes higher, but I have to run now so I'll take these tiny gains all day long

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Luths Feb 07, 6:21 PM

Didn't expect you to go for such a small profit. Glad you did though because you opened my mind to possibilities. Ty, Tim.

Extramoney Feb 07, 8:52 PM

Brilliant Tim. 0.03 profit turns to a $150. Ten trades at 0.03 a day, that's $1500... amazing and great learning. Thank you!

almanke Feb 07, 11:20 PM

Thanks Tim. Haven't paid much attention to these charts in the past. Honing in on the spike to swoop in for the dip buy changes the perspective for sure.

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$180 profit LUCY Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this big runner way off its highs, I'd love a 5-10% bounce, cut losses if no bounce though as this is speculative

Exit comments: I tried to give it time and while the bid is solidifying, the volume is fading as we head int midday so big bounce is unlikely unless there's a chat pump which is 50/50...so I'll just take small gains and be safe, potential re-buy only into intraday panics, not gradual consolidation

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$225 profit ETCC Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy into big morning panic, I wanted under $1/share to go bigger, but goal is to have a 5-15% bounce from here, it moves quick, CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic here

Exit comments: Solid little bounce play here, again I wish it had more liquidity and more panic under $1/share, but I'll take what I can get, small gains add up and making a few hundred on this setup is fine for me, potential re-buy on any big panic under $1/share

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tupuad Feb 07, 10:17 AM

Thanks Tim, good work!

okinyi Feb 07, 12:20 PM

Some of these abbreviated stocks e.g. ETCC AND OTHER, confuse me, I do not know them in full and cannot find them on my trading platform of choice. Do I have to download Tim's trading platform to access all these stocks not found on my side?

almanke Feb 07, 11:50 PM

Nice, Tim. Nice run to HOD at yesterday's close introduced a nice dip-buying opportunity today.

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