$588 profit ISWH Long Stock

Entry comments: I missed the initial panic down to the 2.80s, but this looks to be holding 3ish rather well, goal is to make 5-10% on any bounce, nothing huge, but this is a solid multi-way winner so it should bounce too

Exit comments: Nice little bounce here, bigger congrats to those who got better execution in the high 2s, some solid meat on the move here, just locking in my single as singles add up over time and its looking tired here in the 3.30s

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$266 profit CYBL Long Stock

Entry comments: Another perfect http://tim.ly/bestpattern I bungled the ILUS dip buy, lets see if this one can bounce better

Exit comments: Small gain but no big bounce and I have to get to studio to film new guide so I'm playing it safe, potential rebuy into any bigger panic, might be tomorrow morning these plays will be best

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tupuad Sep 22, 12:48 PM

Thanks Tim for the info

Aceyducey56 Sep 23, 3:40 AM

I really appreciate your comments

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-$52 loss AXTG Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy slightly off the morning highs on this recent runner testing multi-way highs, I'd love to sell into a breakout .14s-.16s, lets see if it can keep going

Exit comments: I'm out for small losses as its failing right at previous highs in the .14s, it probly needs a news catalyst and more volume to breakout so I'll just go back and wait for any intraday crashes to dip buy on this, ILUS, CYBL, ISWH

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