2 important lessons from my sloppy trading this morning: https://tim.ly/2XpaTA8 and https://tim.ly/3i66WrL please read/retweet if you understand how important it is to keep losses at a minimum. Most traders don't like posting about them publicly, but most traders consistently lose & fail to learn from their mistakes so its good to be better than most traders!

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MitchF Aug 04, 10:33 AM

Definitely like the 1-10 idea! Thanks Tim!

justasjobuk Aug 04, 10:34 AM

@timothysykes yes rate the potential of how it can spike and be more explanatory about what exactly you expect stock to do

sapph1retw1n Aug 04, 11:30 AM

I would definitely like the idea of alerting potential supernovas, and a scale would be helpful in knowing a little more about which way it might swing.

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Daily recap for me: https://tim.ly/3i7HaUf +$7.8k but more importantly please retweet, lets start a trend where traders give back to helping others...you don't have to donate 100% like I do, but retweet if you commit to even donating 10% or 1% of your profits to whatever charities you feel strongly about, let's make this world better together!!!!

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$262 profit OPTI Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this late day breakout all day runner on this solid news https://tim.ly/3k6nWQD not sure if I'll hold overnight, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Tried to be patient, but looks like a wall of sellers at .071, I won't force it overnight, probly a better dip buy tomorrow if we get a good enough panic, remember this is a choppy one so I won't risk my now $8k profit day, safety first!

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Windwalzer Aug 03, 5:28 PM

This did have good news, thank you for sharing Marketwatch.

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