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SurfinWaves Jun 23, 1:45 PM

This was a particularly good webinar. Thank you so much for all of the information. I feel like I am just about ready to start trading small. I have been a student for over two months now, just taking in all that I can and growing my knowledge account.

CrazyWillows Jun 23, 1:59 PM

Brilliant!!! Volume vs Float, momentum and volume - don't dip buy failed one day spikers!!!

leiron927 Jun 23, 4:07 PM

Stay grounded, volume vs float, failed 1 day spikes are NOT dip buys!

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CptnBob Jun 24, 6:49 PM

more often than not, I am gunslinger. But slowly getting better at the safety first.

TurtleTrader Jun 25, 10:46 AM

most definitely safety first, and love that you teach how important risk management from day one. Ty many times over!!

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LizLele Jun 21, 8:38 AM

"But Tim! I see spikes" lol. This sentence he wrote was totally for someone with my type of brain. "Sure, sure, there could be some spikes along the way, but this is part of the reason why I personally don't like trading short squeeze stocks as they're VERY choppy so even if I would turn out to be right I'd probly get faked out by some choppiness and have to cut losses like I did on TIGR so I'll just sit back and watch and wait for better setups." Thanks Tim!

RichieRichW Jun 21, 9:31 AM

Thanks Tim, as always! Tim I have a bad back also. A few years ago I had a surgery that took 17 Hrs on the table. They actually had 3 different teams of Doctors to work on me. I was opened up on the left front and straight up the center of my back. Both incisions are about 14 inches long. Hope you don't have to go there. recovery was tough, to say the least. So, hang in there and treat your back as your most valuable part of your body.

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($240) loss TIGR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this stock that's testing multi-day highs at 5.60, if it break it might be quick so I'm buying a bit under it, risk is if it goes red on the day I'm out so roughly 10 cents/share of downside and 30-40 cents/share of upside potential

Exit comments: No big morning spike, couldn't even test resistance so rule #1 is to cut losses quickly,, small losses are acceptable, don't hold and hope, that's when problems start

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Johnnorth Jun 20, 1:23 PM

At lease you Know the downside when it happens.

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TRULY INSANE that my documentary now has 600,000 views and is close to hitting the Youtube trending list!! When's the last time an educational documentary was this popular? Thank you to everyone watching and sharing, please keep it up, this issue is SO IMPORTANT!

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