$814 profit BKYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative Friday morning spiker, big volume and big new contract https://tim.ly/2wGE2wq huge % gain already but looks like it can get more, small position, goal is to make 7-15%

Exit comments: Got the day high breakout but also a halt which messes me up reading the chart, now 2.55 so looks like I played too safe, but I like taking singles on speculative trades like this, congrats to all longs, hate trading stocks that get halted

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chrispham82 Mar 27, 11:07 AM

Awesome Tim!!!!! I wish I could trade now.

Windwalzer Mar 27, 12:53 PM

Did you wait to enter after it got close to the high of the morning open or would you say you chases a bit? I can see how halts are annoying and frustrating the past several weeks especially. Thank you for your time.

rollingrick Mar 27, 2:22 PM

My account is super small since i'm just starting out. Reading up on what material i can and watching videos on your youtube. I played in at 2.40 sold at 2.56. I only had a $5 gain but I'm glad i did it still and i got some experience.

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