TRULY INSANE that my http://tim.ly/str documentary now has 600,000 views and is close to hitting the Youtube trending list!! When's the last time an educational documentary was this popular? Thank you to everyone watching and sharing, please keep it up, this issue is SO IMPORTANT!

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$450 profit TIGR Long Stock

Entry comments: Let's see how this midday perk pattern does, recent runner spiking to day highs, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share on further spike

Exit comments: Got a little bounce, but seemingly solid wall of sellers 5.65-5.70 so I'll take my single and go, always good to test new patterns too, will do video lesson on this explaining it all

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BGoddard Jun 19, 7:29 PM

Great stuff thank Tim

amsbeats Jun 19, 8:53 PM

$TIGR gave a great bounce today I missed it! Alot of red to green moves today in the market which wasn't good for $MGI short lol

amsbeats Jun 19, 8:54 PM

I might have to switch my bias to long there are alot of short squeezes after obvious short entries. When too many people short it causes the opposite effect.

mynbtsa Jun 20, 12:57 AM

Thanks Tim , singles are good

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