$645 profit SERV Long Stock

Entry comments: Waited for big dip, it can still go under 7 so not a full position but good odds of 5-10% bounce, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Whewwwww,w hat a rush, wasn't sure about this but I definitely felt FOMO missing it earlier, will do weekend video lesson on this, just locking in my single here, scary, probly goes back to the 6s, not convincing at all

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$1,025 profit RR Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this robotics company https://www.richtechrobotics.com/ that's up a little but not as much as the biggest winner today SERV so as more people look for lower priced sympathy plays, this should be it, goal is to make 10-20% later today or over the weekend. cut losses if it can't breakout

Exit comments: Whewwwww, what a runner as SERV is spiking big so is this sympathy play, I'm locking it in since its nearly midnight here and my goals have bee achieved, what an end to the week, congrats to all longs, WOW!

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tubin224 Jul 19, 1:59 PM

Is there a conference this fall?

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