$33 profit GGII Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on my rebuy of this big runner in anticipation of its spinoff IPO HPCO which just opened up a ton, goal is to sell for 10-20% bounce, could be fast

Exit comments: I'm out for puny profits as this one just isn't reclaiming its former glory and the overall markets just tanked so I'll play safe, when in doubt get out

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lsgarlato Aug 30, 10:18 AM

Vol is > 60 day vol but under MOA 20

tupuad Aug 30, 4:25 PM

Thanks Tim for the reminders in trading smart.

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poniboy1 Aug 30, 8:49 PM

Nice to see I picked some of the same picks

001CP Aug 31, 8:16 AM

Thanks Tim

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