$1,410 profit AZTR Long Stock

Entry comments: Premarket dip buy off the highs on this low float news play, I can't even type fast enough for these plays, see watchlist I sent out just minutes ago why this what my favorite, I missed it under 4, glad to get it in the 4.30s, already 4.60 as I type, what a martket, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a wild market this is, I literally can't type fast enough, congrats to anyone who read my watchlist, nailed it, now 5.50 as I type too, you just can't stop these plays, take what you can, congrats to all

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$272 profit SERV Long Stock

Entry comments: One more dip buy on this play that looks to be bottoming at $8ish, goal is 5-1% bounce before the close or afterhours, cut if no bounce

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz, small bounce but nothing huge, it just doesn't have the juice it had earlier today, I won't risk it, small win, but safe...funny CMAX is squeezing the most and it its the worst setup, just shorts getting overwhelmed as usual

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Thanhtai83 Jul 23, 12:37 AM

Toi muon nap tien Thi nap Ngu the nao

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