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Windwalzer Jan 23, 12:17 AM

Yay, I'm figure out how to navigate (a little). I had $NVAX, $IBIO, and GNPX on my watch list from last night. Maybe I'm getting this.? At least once. Thank you so much for all you do!

Doubleh Jan 23, 9:41 PM

New member to silver pennystocking. Thanks Tim appreciate everything

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$275 profit LTUM Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebought this stock that's holding its multiday breakout/the majority of its morning gains in an ugly market, goal is to make 10-20% into gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: Sold for small gain, nothing doing huge sellers in the .17s and .18s, safety first

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Windwalzer Jan 21, 6:39 PM

Did you wait for it to prove itself and or the volume gave you the the entry? Thank you.

windycitytrader Jan 22, 10:08 AM

I'm guessing because of the huge sellers @ .17-.18 he didn't see huge buyers coming in and wasn't convinced by the price action that buyers would. So he got out.....

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$190 profit LTUM Long Stock

Entry comments: Low priced OTC former supernova breaking out to new multiday highs, small $ position since its already up 30% today, but let's see how far this can go, goal is to make 10-20% today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Decent little gain here, got up to the .19s but it moved too quick so couldn't sell there, I'll take this selling ont he ask since the spread is a ridiculous .015 which is nearly 10% on this stock so good to sell into strength, potential re-buy later today if it can hold today's breakout

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Get_Money Jan 22, 7:27 AM

I lost over 5% trying to ask for the ask, which I didn't get. Maybe because no one was buying? Or maybe because you have to do something to get the ask? I've asked before and never got it.

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$480 profit MCIG Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought this first green day runner, glad I sold into strength earlier, now getting a nice dip entry price after its proven it can hold .04 well, goal is to sell in the high .04s or even .05s next week, will do video lesson on this holiday weekend explaining more, remember the stock market is closed on Monday for MLK Day!

Exit comments: PERFECT weekend gap up to sell into, not gonna get greedy, solid little gain on this first green day OTC winner

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ammaizeroi Jan 17, 4:56 PM

Good to see that, my teacher 👨‍🏫 still have some game! 👍

sreykimsear Jan 21, 2:08 PM

Awesome Tim...I am a new student and I love all the videos I am learning thus far

Windwalzer Jan 21, 6:55 PM

You bought at the end of the day on a high volume after the dip. You are holding after the three days. Thank you.

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