$705 profit SERV Long Stock

Entry comments: Tryijng a dip buy on this big runner wayyyy off its highs, goal is to sell into a bounc einto the 11s ideally, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: PERFECT DIP BUY INTO THE BIG INTRADAY PANIC, locking in my single, whewwww, what a rush, nothing huge, but solid wallet pad so I'll take it as my goals have been met

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Thanhtai83 Jul 23, 12:38 AM

Toi muon gui tien Thi gui nhu the nao?

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$514 profit RR Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this SERV sympathy play that's breaking out on heavy volume, I had it Friday too, lets see how far it can go, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast and SERV is at danger of failing

Exit comments: Another nice little win on this play, it trades SO weird, I'm just glad to lock in another single, be careful as I still think SERV fails big at some point today and it'll likely take this one down too although I could be playing too safe

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pamio Jul 22, 9:50 AM

Thanks for this one! A second win, and only just signed up, still learning terminology.

joefisher Jul 22, 10:15 AM

News said SERV is basically junk

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