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Bloodhound Jul 22, 9:30 PM

GREAT video, Tim! Just superb content. I only go long but in spite of all these incredible opportunities, am struggling and overtrading. Thanks for these video lessons!!

CherBehr Jul 23, 12:27 AM

Thanks for this video lesson. I continue to learn each day and I can see how my trading is less luck and more skill now.

emschwarm Jul 23, 11:50 AM

definitely not interested in shorting...did well on $SERV and then was overconfident with it and got slaughtered thinking I am better than I warned, don't get too cocky...I did

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mdsexton Jul 21, 7:34 AM

Awesome motivational speech! Watched on Saturday night.

IMNRNCA Jul 21, 11:26 AM

Hey guys! Great energy. Really want the actionable ideas. Appreciate the insights.

bdavidotr Jul 21, 2:00 PM

You guys are so awesome and great mentors. Thanks for spending your time to train me. I have a long way to go but I look forward to it being worth it.

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9artsdragon Jul 20, 10:26 PM

Nice, thankyou for your time and the lessons hobbs.

jrjohns1557 Jul 20, 10:45 PM

Nice webinar leaned a lot thanks Ellis.

IMNRNCA Jul 21, 11:48 AM

Ellis - appreciate how you consistently provide trading guidance - how to look at trades, what to consider, etc.

sgnethery Jul 21, 5:26 PM

thank you Ellis, awesome as always

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$830 profit SERV Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm still trading afterhours near midnight as this one is breaking the day high, can't even tye fast enough, alraedy 9.20s, goal is the high 9s or 10s, what a runner

Exit comments: Nearly $1/share and its nearly midnight here and all I want is sleep, I won't get greedy, singles add up, best trade of the day for me, just playing the breakout, will do video lesson this weekend, congrats to soooo many on SERV and RR too!

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Wacker Jul 19, 5:26 PM

Catch-em-up 👍👍

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