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Kunasmom Jul 22, 6:22 AM

Thanks for the video, how do you find who the sympathy play would be, are they just connected by similar products/services?

mallareg1 Jul 22, 6:59 AM

Thanks Tim, great lesson.

student_81468 Jul 22, 1:40 PM

student_81468, in July 19 @ 1.44 Out July 22 $2.30 Thank you Tim the 21st was my birthday Thanks for the $800.00 gift

mcelfresh58 Jul 22, 7:07 PM

Great information, I just need to figure out who is the lower half of a sympathy trade.

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Bloodhound Jul 22, 9:30 PM

GREAT video, Tim! Just superb content. I only go long but in spite of all these incredible opportunities, am struggling and overtrading. Thanks for these video lessons!!

CherBehr Jul 23, 12:27 AM

Thanks for this video lesson. I continue to learn each day and I can see how my trading is less luck and more skill now.

emschwarm Jul 23, 11:50 AM

definitely not interested in shorting...did well on $SERV and then was overconfident with it and got slaughtered thinking I am better than I warned, don't get too cocky...I did

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mdsexton Jul 21, 7:34 AM

Awesome motivational speech! Watched on Saturday night.

IMNRNCA Jul 21, 11:26 AM

Hey guys! Great energy. Really want the actionable ideas. Appreciate the insights.

bdavidotr Jul 21, 2:00 PM

You guys are so awesome and great mentors. Thanks for spending your time to train me. I have a long way to go but I look forward to it being worth it.

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