$211 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bough this play on an extreme dip, but with smaller size given how fast its sold off the past few days...I think this is a good entry price considering it's lower than when they announced their big contracts the past few days, but you never know with these kinds of plays so small size for now and i'll make a video lesson later this week explaining my goals and thinking here...unless we get another 30-50% spike after a PR right away (like last time) I will hold this for several days/weeks

Exit comments: I'm exiting this play for small gains for a few reasons, 1.) it's not bouncing as much as I thought it would, 2.) the overall market is turning the past few days and speculative stocks like this are getting burnt and 3.) I don't trust 3 cent/share stocks that issue a ton of news all at once and then go silent, I want more consistent news and opportunities to sell into spikes

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$157 profit DXTR Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this play that I reviewed in today's video lesson http://tim.ly/sykesconvincing watch the .35 closely, that's the key level it needs to breakout, yesterday we got a small breakout but it wasn't convincing, today I go smaller, but it's holding key support in the .32s so far so my risk is I lose 2 cents, potential upside of 6-10 cents/share if we do get a breakout

Exit comments: It got up to .37 but came down in a hurry, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about in today's video lesson http://tim.ly/sykesconvincing this breakout just isn't convincing and it's up a ton the past few days so I'm out roughly breakeven, it was worth a shot, but not the price action I want to I play safe

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DCGains Jun 28, 17 11:57 PM

Solid and very well played, Thanks Tim

hassanallali Jul 01, 17 4:55 AM

I still do not understand how this us working 😞😞😞

AndrewRaleigh Jul 04, 17 2:38 PM

Hello and Happy 4th of July Tim. I am a newbie....somewhat...at least to your systems and protocol. Looking forward to the education you provide and building my account over the coming months and years. Have a great Holiday. Andrew

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$2,024 profit DXTR Long Stock

Entry comments: This low priced junker seems to have the momentum today as similar plays DCTH, ANY, MARA have seemed to lose their momo so this is the current play and it's close to a one-week breakout...it just dipped into the .32s where it has a lot of intraday support and I was trying to build a position there, but it's uptrending now so I'll sit on my position for now and look for a high of day break, goal is to make 10-20%, stay conservative, not every stock will be a home run, but this is the niche now

Exit comments: Beautiful followup spike, actually got all the way up to the .38s, but I was in the shower so I'm happy to sell here since it hit my goals and like I say again and again, it's better to go for singles on these speculative plays, especially as the overall market is tanking, I'd be extra-careful on all longs right now...potential re-buy for me before the market close, but right now I like locking in profits here

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npw109 Jun 27, 17 4:21 PM

thanks Tim I was able to get in during breakout of .35 and exit at .38. nice 9% profit.

DavidVRey Jun 27, 17 7:43 PM

is this worth trading tommorow morning?

ambitious_ Jun 27, 17 10:47 PM

2,000 DXTR in on Friday at 0.26, out early morning today at 0.31...Wish I would have held a bit longer, again sold to soon but better safe than sorry

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