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-$585 Loss
CBMJLong Stock

Entry comments: Wayyyy down off its highs, dip buying for bounce into the .07s ideally, still a trump sympathy play

Exit comments: Out for small losses here, no bounce whatsoever, far prouder of my top students who are crushing it on DWAC/PHUB today



Entry comments: I bought this company just alerted by http://tim.ly/breaking as they're changing their name to capitalize on the Trump media mania, CBMJ OTC Name Symp to the Trump Craziness Conservative Broadcast Media & Journalism Inc., goal is to sell for 50-100% gains as more people see this, it moves fast

Exit comments: I sold as I misunderstood the STT Breaking News alert, I thought it was a name change play, but just a sympathy play to DWAC and now DWAC is fading so I'm going to admit my mistake here and just lock in small profits, I'll do a video lesson this weekend on the confusion, my bad, too many plays moving too fast, just fortunate this latest Trump craze pushes all the sympathy plays higher anyway


-$142 Loss
BTZILong Stock

Entry comments: One more dip buy here as there's tons of buyer sat .10, 40% drop off the high, goal is a 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: No bounce at all, cutting loses again here, shoulda stuck with GBHL now at .017 LOL, whewww



Entry comments: Partial fill on lowest priced DWAC sympathy play as I said in the watchlist last night, they do marketing films for Trump, lets see how far this can go with DWAC now at 119

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful sympathy play to DWAC, anyone could've gotten this if you're quick



Entry comments: One more dig at this all day fader since its just down so much and has big support, worth a shot after such a massive selloff, other crypto plays recovering, goal is to sell in the .11s or .12s

Exit comments: Finalllllly got the bounce I wanted and sized in nicely too, I'll have a video on what I did right vs wrong here, crazy to make back the losses, congrats to those who played it better than me, I MUST be more disciplined


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