Total Profits:

Entry comments: Meme plays GMC/KOSS/AMC are jumping big, this was low priced version, could be fast, goal is to sell n the 1.40s or 1.50s

Exit comments: Nice little gain to end the day, allll the meme plays are poppng, congrats to GME/AMC/KOSS/NAKD longs too, this one actually under-performed them all


-$675 Loss
VERBLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this intraday/multiweek breakout off its highs in the low 3s, I believe it can get back there, promoters still in it so be careful but goal is to profit 5-10% today or tomorrow

Exit comments: No followup bounce so rule #! cut losses quickly, small losses are part of the game



Entry comments: Partial position in this big panic, goal is to profit 10-20% on the bounce

Exit comments: Whewwwwww, what a rush, finally nailed the big panic, maybe it bounces more, but I'm happy with my gains, scary play


-$195 Loss
SANPLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this high flier today, I underestimated it before, goal now to profit another 10-20%, doubt I'll have patience to hold overnight

Exit comments: Hard crack off intraday highs, no thanks, small loss, bound to happen, play safe, potential dip buy into any giant panic



Entry comments: Partial fill on this STT Breaking news http://tim.ly/3kiLBxy goal is to sell in the .04s or .05s its moving fast

Exit comments: Decent little midday trade, lots of sellers in the mid .04s so nothing huge, but thx to http://tim.ly/breaking for the alert/lesson, had this been last week, it probly coulda gone bigger so in this market we just have to adapt and be more conservative



Entry comments: Partial execution on this breakout, first green day OTC, hard hit, just took out day high, goal is to profit 5-10%, nothing huge heading into midday bu solid pattern

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, another boring breakout, sign of the times this week so I won't force it heading into midday, another small gain for me, but more importantly another solid lesson



Entry comments: Partial fill on the dip on this new earnings spiker, I missed initial spike to .47 now catching it on a dip, goal is to sell in the .40s or .50s, moves fast, be careful, STT news just a few minutes ago

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz, going nowhere fast as we head into midday, small gain, but not the typical big volatility we see on this play, so playing it safe



Entry comments: Partial fill on this fast spiker on acquisition news of health company, thx STT News, reminds me of OLVI a few days ago so it can run in a hurry, goal is to sell in the .20s

Exit comments: LOL so much for my goal being in the .20s, this one ran all the way to the .30s, unreal, sooooo similar to OLVI price action just a few days ago, now, taking my gains, I don't want to be greedy



Entry comments: Missed initial morning spike run, but the multiday breakout was weak anyway so I'm more comfortable buying this dip anyway, goal is to sell near day highs or possible breakout into the .03s

Exit comments: Absolutely stunning breakout over previous highs, only wish I had bigger position, also won't ge greedy as this is a solid win for me



Entry comments: Big volume breakout play, let's see how far it can go, goal is to profit 10-20%, cut losses if the breakout fails

Exit comments: Zzzzz no big spike and I hate sub-pennies so unless its perfect, I won't get aggressive, small gain, stay safe


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