Total Profits:

Entry comments: I dip bought today's big runner off its highs, goal is to make 15-30 cents/share, nothing huge, but good risk/reward

Exit comments: Out for small gain, weak bounce, might have another leg down or even two before the bottom, breakout level is down at 2.06 so that's my ideal re-entry



Entry comments: I dip bought this strong first green day move on an OTC former runner with this seemingly great news https://tim.ly/2RzsK6A not sure if I'll hold overnight, we'll see how it acts into the close, but I think it can close strongly and my goal is to sell in the .08s or .09s today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Nice strong close as expected so I'm playing it safe and locking in solid profits for my small $12k Etrade account, nice little win of nearly $1,000! No need to risk overnight even though tomorrow should be solid too...these are the types of trades EVERY small account trader should take



Entry comments: I bought the dip on this choppy stock as remember the 6.20ish level was the key breakout level that took it to the 6.80s, I don't think it can bounce all the way back there, but I'd be happy with 20-40 cent/share bounce, smaller position since this is speculative

Exit comments: Cutting losses quickly on this one as it's not bouncing, today's losses much smaller than yesterday's gains, protect, protect, protect, protect



Entry comments: I re-bought this first green day spiker since it's holding near its highs and actually just made a new day high in the 6.80s before coming down as it's a bit over-extended, I'm looking to sell in afterhours, or tomorrow on a gap up or morning spike in high 6s or even low 7s, smaller position then before just because it's run a lot and I also don't trust the overall market despite its solid price action today....be safe still, no time to be too aggressive overnight

Exit comments: No gap up, no problem, rule #1 cut losses quickly, no biggie and I'm just protecting myself on a choppy stock after a big gain yesterday...potential dip buy now instead



Entry comments: Probable first solid green day on this recent runner that has been struggling to bounce, nice morning spike today and its holding near its highs, I wanted to buy closer to the close, but it's looking strong and I don't want to miss it, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share on this one, bigger IB account given how non so volatile this stock is, but should have 10% or so upside potential at least today and/or tomorrow

Exit comments: Whewww, can't say no to $3k+ profit inside of an hour, nice squeeze past morning highs, I'll play it safe and lock in profits as I don't trust the overall market and it's good to go for singles now, potential re-buy before the market close though too



Entry comments: I dip bought this stock spiking on news of Israeli approval for their device https://tim.ly/2VAmAkT nice volume/price spike i reaction to this, possible PR coming later today or tomorrow, its run in the past too, good January Effect candidate, already hit the .24s today, I'd love to see it get back there and breakout, goal is to make 10%+ and sell in the .25s or .26s, nothing huge, but good risk/reward buying on this intraday dip with news catalyst

Exit comments: Sold into solid breakout but gotta give webinar, typo in webinar schedule this week, wonderful, good little win here, starting challenge webinar in 5 min



Entry comments: Great execution at Etrade in my newly rebalanced $12k account to start 2019, goal is to make 10-20% into the close today or gap up/morning spike tomorrow, weed stocks on fire, see BUDZ, CRON, MMNFF too

Exit comments: Sold remaining shares for decent little gains into the gap up as the overall market is dropping big again due to Apple's earnings warning, I'm not gonna risk it given what's been happening the past few weeks...safety first in this environment, no need to try to be a hero



Entry comments: This is a solid first green day on this recent OTC spiker and its led to solid spikes on day 2 a few times, on to of that the overall market has rallied back bigtime this afternoon which is a good sign, but I also don't want to chase anything that's up so much so OTCs are the safest best overnight in case market falls back tomorrow...goall is to make 5-10% on my $ here overnight, ideally selling into a morning spike

Exit comments: Out with a small loss as there was no gap up or morning spike despite my trying to give it time...small losses are fine, onto the next and ANY spiking nicely now so I'm watching that for a potential dip buy



Entry comments: I dip bought the morning panic idea straight from watchlist, goal's to make 20-40 cent/share bounce, nothing huge in this market

Exit comments: No bounce so again rule #1 cut losses fast, ESPECIALLY in this market



Entry comments: This stock is putting up a strong first green day on a big deal https://tim.ly/2BLhnh8 with an $80 billion company GILD, not the most volatile stock, but solid news/catalyst/chart, goal is to make 5-10% into overnight gap up/ideally morning spike tomorrow too

Exit comments: No gap up, ugly market, play ti safe, cutting losses, small losses are fine, potential re-buy on any big dip only


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