Total Profits:

Entry comments: Former supernova with positive press premarket comparing it to TLRY https://tim.ly/2NCoHEz potential first green day, goal is to make 10-20%, could be quick, remember to sell into strength

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, ga little spike but nothing major, still a lot of bitter bagholders at higher priced, potential re-buy if it can break above 5.35 morning high, needs more volume



Entry comments: Weed stock breaking out today on strong volume, hit the 1.80s, now I'm buying into a decent intraday dip, goal is to sell near day highs or ideally a breakout into the 1.90s or even low 2s, nothing huge, just a solid chart plays

Exit comments: Got a little bounce back near its highs, but steady sellers in the 1.80s so doesn't look like big Friday spiker I thought it would be, locking in another few hundred bucks in profits, could be worse



Entry comments: Higher priced stock but perfect #5 panic so I bought some, goal is to make $5-10/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Made a few hundred on the bounce, but no true panic so no true bounce, I'll quit while I'm ahead, just testing the waters on a higher priced stock fitting my patterns, nothing wrong with a little experimentation, video lesson on this trade coming this weekend



Entry comments: Straight from watchlist, buying the morning panic on this weed play, hit nearly .60 30 minutes ago and 70 cents/share yesterday, panicking due to TLRY panicking too so I'm looking for 10-20% bounce, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern

Exit comments: Nice little bounce, goal achieved so I won't get greedy, NBEV keeps going now to the 7s which is just awesome, this sector is on fire!



Entry comments: Recent runner is spiking premarket on filings of multiple trademarks for CBD Water and other cannabanoid related beverages...goal is to make 10-20% as this thing has proven it can fly fast and now we finally have some concrete news

Exit comments: No pop at the market open and big sellers mean I cut losses fast, small loss is acceptable as it could've spiked big/fast



Entry comments: Positive breaking news with their clinical cancer trials, aiming to make 10-20% as more people hear about it

Exit comments: Bingo, nice continuation and new day highs, my goals have been met so I won't get greedy, especially midday, congrats to all longs here



Entry comments: I dip bought this morning spiker that has turned into outright panic, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Decent little bounce, but still lots of big hidden sellers so I'll take my single and play it safe...NIO turned out to be a massive nearly $3/share winner from my buy alert, but I'm more comfortable with dip buys so good lessons/reminder for me and still profitable on both trades just playing it safe



Entry comments: I bought this IPO trying to break yesterday's highs, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, could be quick

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rush, plan laid out in my watchlist last night, perfect little technical breakout that was quick, preparation is key, not gonna be greedy here, it moves faaaast



Entry comments: I bought some of this former Supernova on a strong first green day, multi-week double bottom, closing strongly too, goal is to sell in the mid to high 4s later today and/or ideally tomorrow into a gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: PERFECT gap up and sell, thank you very much, love the first green day pattern here, taking my single and not getting greedy!



Entry comments: I bought this former Supernova as its spiking afterhours on a big new contract with. a top 50 retailer and improved guidance too, already hit 2.39 afterhours and I think it can retest that, maybe even. the 2.60s it tested a few weeks ago last time it spiked big, keep position small though as its speculative

Exit comments: Hit my goals nicely so I'm out...potential re-buy on any big dip or if it can break the wall of sellers that's pretty well solidified at 2.50-2.55, nice to utilize http://stockstotrade.com afterhours and know which former Supernovas can REALLY spike


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