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Tech issues so had to send out as commentary: Shorting this recent multiday runner on bad news expose https://tim.ly/32TkO3O bad pilot program with LAPD, I havent shorted in a while but this is worth it, thank you http://tim.ly/breaking for the alert here. WRTC cover at 7.23, overall market dropping hard, trying to get regular alerts back online at Profitly, too much going on. (stock down to 6.83 now as I type this, huuuuge downside but I'm out of practice with my shorting)



Entry comments: Spiking on a tweet about product with Google, lets see how far it can go, thanks STT Breaking News, got up t 1.90, now I'm catching it on a dip as its moving fast

Exit comments: Small bounce but wall of sellers in the 1.80s preventing breakout over previous high at 1.90, I'm not comfortable so I'm out



Entry comments: Rebought as it looks to have lots of support at 2.80-2.90 so that's my risk, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce to the mid 3s ideally

Exit comments: Nice bounce, but not as much as I thought, likely this stock is over-extended so I won't get greedy, just taking singles and add my profits up nicely,



Entry comments: Dip buy into panic as I warned in chat, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, could be quick, remember the http://tim.ly/bestpattern always

Exit comments: Stupid trading, I got greedy, video lesson coming, lucky to be out for small profits



Entry comments: Battery play spiking on new annual report https://tim.ly/2EtnX16 lets see how far it can go, goal is to sell in the 3s

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rocket, taking safe profits, much better than DSGT spike attempt, potential rebuy on any big dip, ideally intraday panic sometime



Entry comments: Partial execution on this former runner spiking on this new news https://tim.ly/33Ko5lm less dilution, expanded business, goal is to sell i the .06s or .07s, could be fast

Exit comments: Little spike but nothing huge, big wall of sellers at .06, so I'll take small gains and play safe



Entry comments: One more buy since it just keeps uptrending, could go Supernova like earlier today, goal is to make 5-10% since overall market cracked and we're heading into midday but worth a shot given the price actin here

Exit comments: Whewwww, I love this stock, maybe I shoulda held my bigger position earlier but it's scary trading such a big % spiker so just taking singles over and over, ice $1/share bounce now off its lows


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