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Entry comments: Small little pattern here, I missed the short, looks to have solid support at 2.50, but small position since I don't trust this weird stock

Exit comments: No bounce, out for small loss, rule #1

Posted: Jan 20, 9:54 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: I bought the dip and got an even better average entry than yesterday, tons of support in the 2.30s, all I want are the 2.70s again, aim small, miss small, be careful trading near the market open it's sometimes VERY quick

Exit comments: Weak bounce attempt, out for crumbs on my big IB account, still better than DELT though, I also tried to buy DCIX which was spiking in sympathy to GLBS but too was too quick, can't chase though as it's already back down, welcome to trading at the market open, gotta be quick

Posted: Jan 20, 9:33 AM/ 2/$

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I got this trade on a live video that I'll post for subscribers only, not a great trade/gain, but I NAILED the top so this live video lesson is useful to your education in that respect, kinda fun trading again without the hassle of having to send out alerts, so much easier...I think I'll do some more!

Posted: Jan 19, 7:47 PM/ 2

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Entry comments: I bought some of this recent Supernova on a big dip off its multi-day highs, but a nice solid breakout today above morning highs of 2.35, I wanted the 2.40s, but this moved too fast and I was too busy doing live video trade on DELT which I'll post tomorrow (I made $1,000ish)...goal here is to sell into a gap up or morning spike since it's a Trump inauguration play

Exit comments: LOL keeps going after-hours, right at multi-day resistance now so I'll play it safe and lock in profits, made $1k on my DELT live trade too so finished up +$3k on the day kinda of out of the blue, just waiting for good setups, well done

Posted: Jan 19, 3:52 PM/ 10/$

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Entry comments: I bought this big winner in hopes of a morning spike, premarket it got up to the .60s, all I want is 10-20% move, be careful with this one

Exit comments: Got up to .56 but then came down in a hurry, that was mid-premarket resistance too scary stock, glad I kept my goals conservative, aim small, miss small

Posted: Jan 19, 9:32 AM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: Small speculative dip buy here in my large IB account here, sympathy play to GLBS as I said in chat earlier today, looks to have solid support at 3.05-3.10 and likes to morning spike, 3 big spikes the past 3 days, likely another one tomorrow or at least people expecting it so it should be strong into the close today, day high is 3.40 so I'd love to sell around there, not sure it has enough juice to break that level, it depends on how GLBS does the rest of the day too, don't chase, dip buy only

Exit comments: GLBS now fading bigtime and entire sector seems to be following suit, forget about day high at 3.40ish, DCIX seems to have wall of sellers around 3.30ish and I'm not comfortable here midrange with a big speculative position, aim small, miss small, I'm exiting safely with small profits, only potential re-buy on a big dip near bottom of the range or a breakout above 3.40

Posted: Jan 18, 1:06 PM/ 4/$

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Entry comments: I underestimated this one before, but now as we head into midday its looking toppy, speculative trade, small position, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share of downside

Exit comments: It just keeps, scary shorting right now so rule #1 from is to cut losses quickly, small losses are perfectly acceptable

Posted: Jan 18, 11:18 AM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: This former runner looks to be an earnings winner today in this crazy market it's worth a shot, I'm using roughly 1/2 my small Etrade account buying premarket, aiming for big morning spike, if I'm wrong then I'll cut losses quickly, it's worth a day trade, upside of 50 cents/share, downside risk of 10-20 cents/share, I want to show this strategy for small accounts of buying premarket since morning spikes near the market open can be VERY quick

Exit comments: WOW 3.90s as I type this, but I already sold, whew, that was quick, great for my small little Etrade account!

Posted: Jan 18, 9:11 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: Same EXACT pattern as on Friday, same play, as predicted in my watchlist too, goal is to make $1/share on the bounce

Exit comments: It keeps climbing now, 11.27 so I'm probly playing it too safe, but between this and my $10k+ win on my longterm WLKR I've locked in +$13k today so I'm not gonna be greedy

Posted: Jan 17, 9:47 AM/ 4/$

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Entry comments: First longterm trade of 2017 is me buying back into WLKR since I still think it's a good value and even better now that the price has come down nicely back to where I initially began buying it in mid 2016...this is roughly 20% of my new longterm portfolio this year, goal is to sell it in the .50-.75/share range, I've lowered my expectations given its weakness the past few months, but still think it can pop when they official unveil Upside Travel in the next few weeks...just a waiting game

Exit comments: HUGE 50%+ winner, looks to be a solid wall of sellers around .54-.55 which is longterm resistance too so I won't get greedy, nice $11,000 profit for me so I'll take it...congrats to all longs here, I'll do video lesson tonight

Posted: Jan 09, 1:14 PM/ 1/$

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