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Entry comments: I dip bought this solid first day runner that has a history of spiking for several days...big volume, but no news so it's speculative, but I like the multi-day pattern here, goal is just to make 7-15% today or tomorrow as it's not a hugely volatile stock

Exit comments: My goals have been hit and the overall market just started panicking so I'm not risking my nearly 10% gains here, be safe in this crazy market, take singles, not home runs...maybe this spikes more, but I'll lock it in safely just in case....potential re-buy for me on any big dip

Posted: Feb 21, 2:36 PM/ 7/$

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Entry comments: I bought this recent Supernova into the market close for a gap up/morning spike tomorrow as its heating up late day up to the 7.20s and now is coming down a bit ans this strength could signal further spiking since this one can really run more than you think, small position though due to the overall market risk, but I like this solid first green day after a big multi-day consolidation

Exit comments: Not gap up, no morning spike, overall bad market, rule #1 cut losses quickly, small loss, acceptable

Posted: Feb 15, 3:54 PM/ 16/$

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Biggest loss in a while due to carelessness as I thought only 100 shares had gotten executed so I forgot about it, only to realize days later all 20k had been executed...silly, silly, mistake on my small Etrade account, will explain more in video lesson

Posted: Feb 19, 9:57 AM// 2

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Entry comments: I dip bought this new earnings winner as I previewed in chat, goal is just to make 5-10% on the bounce, not a hugely volatile stock but low risk give the morning dip

Exit comments: This stock is tricky, I only got 100 executed at Etrade so I'll hold those, the rest executed at Interactive Brokers, wouldn't execute my sell at .71ish, so I'll take this and just lock in the profits since it's so tough to get executions here, gonna make for a great video lesson shortly

Posted: Feb 14, 9:41 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: I'm buying a slightly larger/higher priced play, but they just CRUSHED earnings estimates due to growth in international markets and the stock has been uptrending all day so I'm taking a small now as this could be the start of a multi-month runup no different from how Facebook spiked to the 30s when their mobile ad business began exploding

Exit comments: I'm out for a small gain as I don't like how it's not bouncing despite the Dow bouncing roughly 1,000 points off its lows...not going to risk anything in this crazy market so I'm out for very small gain...playing it safe into the weekend, video lesson coming on this play too

Posted: Feb 07, 3:03 PM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: Trying a little earnings winner dip buy here as it was in the 22s premarket, moves fast, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Whew, what a rush, but brick wall of sellers at 20 so I'll take small gains, earnings winners still not the most solid pattern right now so I play safe, just testing, testing, testing

Posted: Feb 08, 9:35 AM/ 5/$

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Entry comments: I? bought roughly $10k worth of this recent weed stock runner that had a solid contract this morning and now more importantly, a solid first green day with a strong close, goal is to make 10-20% overnight ideally selling into a gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: Out for solid overnight gains on this play, growing my small Etrade account by $1,000+ so perfect trade and I didn't even wast ea day trade...respect the first green day, congrats to all blockchain/crypto overnight longs too

Posted: Feb 06, 3:56 PM/ 11/$

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Entry comments: The overall markets have turned green now and weed stocks are bouncing more than crypto plays which are still getting hit hard...this stock just went red-to-green on the day and has a strong base now in the 5.20s so limited risk for me unless the whole market plunges again, hence why I keep this position small just in case...otherwise my goal is a 30-60 cent/share bounce from here as this has been a solid recent spiker

Exit comments: The overall market, weed stocks and now crypto stocks are all bouncing strongly, but this play is acting weak so I'm out for a small gain...will look for something stronger to buy into the market close for probable gap up/morning spike tomorrow

Posted: Feb 06, 12:38 PM/ 9/$

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Entry comments: I re-bought this recent big spiker, previously I nailed it in my short-term newsletter when they first announced their new project to create a cryptocurrency backed by gold, now today they're putting out a followup PR showing their commitment to this project, no big move yet, but if anyone notices this new news or more likely when they have further PRs in the coming days, this stock has proven it can spike big and I'm buying it near multi-week support in the .30s so limited risk, good upside

Exit comments: I had to cut losses here as the stock is just dropping gradually every day now as crypto/Bitcoin is fading every day now too, can't risk this dropping further just hoping for a new press release, never forget rule #1: when in doubt, get out and cut losses quickly

Posted: Jan 23, 9:51 AM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: Spiking on news that Mark Zuckerberg has been buying shares, BIGTIME catalyst when more people see it, goal is to make 40-80 cents/share

Exit comments: It's not continuing to spike the way it should on huge news like that, will do video lesson this weekend reviewing the trade, maybe it works later, but I'll play it safe for now

Posted: Jan 26, 2:17 PM/ 9/$

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