Total Profits:

Entry comments: I dip bought this http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, good head's up from Mark Croock in challenge chat, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Nice little bounce and it's hitting my goals so I'll take it...nothing huge, but I'll take a few hundred bucks on a gimmie pattern with a recently hot stock down 25%+ when I bought it



Entry comments: Former runner up a bit on solid guidance, potential morning spiker, goal is to sell in the low 6s

Exit comments: No big spike like I wanted and like the action at the market open was teasing so rule #1 is cut losses quickly...no biggie, losing a few cents/share in a fast moving market where it could really spike big and fast is an acceptable risk for me



Entry comments: I dip bought the panic here, moves really quick so only got partial execution, goal is to make 3-60 cents/share on the bounce, small ass position

Exit comments: I'll take that bounce as it hit my goals, potential re-buy on any bigger dip



Entry comments: Speculative premarket dip buy on this seemingly earnings winner https://tim.ly/2O7UJVN off its premarket highs in the 1.80s, it's Friday so it's okay to be more aggressive and nearly 2 million shares traded already today here, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce back near its highs

Exit comments: Nice little bounce here after it broke the wall of sellers at 1.40ish, nothing huge, but good to be aggressive on Friday mornings, will do video lesson this weekend explaining more on this pattern



Entry comments: I bought this recent runner closing strong, looks like it can keep uptrending and one of thsee days it'll have massive morning spike, possibly tomorrow, goal is to make 10-20% here

Exit comments: No big gap up or signs of big spiking like I wanted from yesterday's strong close so I'll play it safe and lock in small profits for my small Etrade account...worth a shot, overnight trade so I didn't have to waste a day trade to try it


$54 Profit
NGTFLong Stock

Entry comments: I missed the easy overnight winner from the .70s to the .90s, but now the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic is here so I'm buying the dip, goal just to make 5-10% here, nothing huge, but a solid multi-day chart breakout here using as my risk at .75ish

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz not much of a bounce, maybe bigger dip worth buying, but I'm out for small profits, far easier $ was the overnight long from .75ish to .90ish, congrats to longs there, see my premarket video lesson why I missed it



Entry comments: Former running jumping a bit at the market open on this new news https://tim.ly/2TwlxEZ solid demand for their CBD drink, could be a runner, small position though since it's speculative

Exit comments: Zzzz going nowhere fast, worth a shot though since this can spike fast on PRs as it has in the past, small gain, onto the next



Entry comments: This recent multi-day runner is closing strong with an apparent first green day, holding just above previous resistance, now acting as support, would love to see it test its highs in the .24s later today or next week, that's my goal

Exit comments: Sold into little morning spike, but no convincing huge breakout so I'll take my profits nicely, congrats to all weekend longs



Entry comments: Spiking onews of big new investor https://tim.ly/2STEOeF I bought the midday breakout, going fast, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: I'll take that midday $2,000+ profit, I won't trade midday often, but former runner with volume and news catalyst, I couldn't resist


$494 Profit
DPWLong Stock

Entry comments: Morning spiker on this former runner with positive debt reduction news, premarket it got up to .14s, would love to sell back there, even .12s or .13s are fine

Exit comments: I'll take the easy $500, not gonna get greedy on a sector so out of favor, but good volume and good breakout so glad I could show this during a live webinar too


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