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Just found out I shorted 1,500 NVCN at 2.30 via Interactive Brokers at 10:11am EST, very nice, I just covered at 2.12 when I realized I had the position and to teach Kenny a good lesson about taking solid profits, don't be greedy, thanks Interactive Brokers!

Posted: Dec 07, 11:34 AM// 4

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Entry comments: Shorted via Interactive Brokers, 1st down day on a multi-day winner, yes it's an energy play so it's not my favorite sector, but it also had some negative news today possible further dropping overnight in reaction tot hat, nothing huge AT ALL, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share tomorrow

Exit comments: Woohooo, paid for my in-person coaching students' breakfast today, no day trade used, 1st down day pattern, but remember energy plays suck

Posted: Dec 06, 3:45 PM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: Its' lost its premarket gains, good possibility of morning panic, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, might be quick, but thankfully Etrade has shares to short

Exit comments: No big panic like I wanted but nice little drop below yesterday afternoon's 2.30 support level, would be more aggressive, but I grew my small Etrade account, taking the $200, now focusing on my SGY

Posted: Dec 07, 9:30 AM/$

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Entry comments: I bought this former Supernova on big dip off morning spike highs in reaction to this partnership news not a public company they partnered with, but its a rather large company, looks to have $100 million in revenues and 300+ employees...the big company also was quoted in the PR today, not much risk buying on such a big dip, I'll exit if it drops tot he 3.20s-3.30s, but my goal is 30-50 cent/share bounce ideally into a morning spike tomorrow

Exit comments: Didn't gap up or morning spike like I wanted to trade safe and exit safely for puny profits, NVCN, RCON more intersting right now as morning spikers, watch them closely, get in the chatroom,

Posted: Dec 05, 3:29 PM/ 7/$

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Entry comments: Bought this big contract winner on a morning dip, goal is to sell at $1/share roughly, it already hit 1.30s premarket, not sure if it can get back there, we'll see

Exit comments: Whew, scary stock, I'm out for small losses, I dont trust this thing, drops fast, trade scared during market open

Posted: Dec 02, 9:37 AM/ 8/$

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Entry comments: I bought this earnings winner on the multi-week breakout, nothing huge yet, but goal is to make 10-20% on this today as others see the news/chart

Exit comments: Got a little spiking, but big sellers at longterm resistance of 2.20 hold it back, this will likely now move slowly, slow than how slow this guy's hair grows so I'm out for small gains, I need something with more Spikeability...potential dip buy though later this afternoon, I'm likely just early on this one here

Posted: Dec 01, 9:37 AM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: Probable first down day on this play, its been choppy, but the trend is solidly down, normally I'd wait to short closer to the market close, but I'm trading and traveling today so I take my shot while I can, goal is to cover into a morning panic tomorrow ideally for 30-50 cents/share profit

Exit comments: NICE little overnight win, CLASSIC 1st day morning panic, see pattern is alive and well...good $ for me even while traveling and barely having any wifi, no day trade used, decent little highly predictable profit, I'll take it every day, video lesson coming later today or tomorrow

Posted: Nov 29, 3:31 PM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: Shorted some on its inability twice so far today to go green on the day, if it takes out the day lows at 3ish, we could see some nice panic, goal is to cover in the 2.70s or 2.80s, I used Interactive Brokers here, but I think Etrade has shares to short too

Exit comments: Faded a bit, but no big panic to test the day lows in the 2.90s like I wanted, tons of big buyers at 3.05, still crowded short it seems...I'm traveling today so I cant sit and watch this, taking my small profits, basically a scratch, worth a shot though, be careful on this shorts please

Posted: Nov 29, 10:12 AM/$

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Entry comments: Thank you Interactive Brokers for finding me shares to short, I'll take it! Goal is to make 50-75 cents/share, niiiiice fill, small position though, VERY risky

Exit comments: Nice $1/share, I'll take it, thanks to Interactive Brokers for shares to short of this beast

Posted: Nov 28, 11:25 AM/$

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Entry comments: I dip bought the typical morning panic on this hot weed stock as it likes to have delayed morning spikes, Friday it spiked nearly 40%, Wednesday it was 60%, it shouldn't be that much today since it's not a holiday trading day, but I'd love to see 10-20% spike, we'll see, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: I got the morning spike I wanted and as expected it wasnt as big as previus days, my goals are hit, it can't take out day high at 1.05 so I play it safely, awesome video lesson coming, these pattern repeat over and over and over and over

Posted: Nov 28, 9:41 AM/ 2/$

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