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Entry comments: I took a bigger position buying the big morning dip on this one, I told you it's a SLOW mover so it got ahead of itself premarket this morning in 3s and now all the weak hands have exited, I'd love to see a bounce back to the 3 range as yesterday it had a morning panic too that was a good buying opportunity

Exit comments: Out with small losses on this one, no bounce, maybe it has more downside, not gonna risk it midday as this is the first time in 3 days it didn't bounce off the morning panic so this is a trend change

Posted: Apr 25, 9:48 AM/$

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Entry comments: I couldn't find shares to short, but classic and pattern here, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but I didn't catch the real bottom in the 1.80s, too slow and now looking toppy now at 2.20ish so I won't get greedy here, congrats to many who spotted this earlier, I've been too busy with $MVIS

Posted: Apr 25, 10:10 AM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: I didn't want to chase this morning's breakout and sure enough it failed, but it's been uptrending all day now and reclaimed its breakout so I'm taking small overnight position, no huge expectations given this stock's lack of volatility, but I also can't ignore this perfect multi-month breakout after a contract win so my goal is to make 10% tomorrow on this position

Exit comments: Decent little gap up, nothing huge, made a few hundred bucks overnight and didn't waste a day trade, perfect pattern, had to take it, potential re-buy on a dip

Posted: Apr 24, 3:41 PM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: I dip bought this hard hit recent runner on this news looks to be creating a morning spike, just potential 1st green day, goal is to make 15-30% of upside, thanks to my chatroom for alerting this news

Exit comments: I got a decent spike, but I missed the top at around .11, got a little greedy thinking it could do more, so small profit for me, but bigger lesson, will review on video later today, $GLBS the big spiker, $OPTT failed to hold as I warned premarket

Posted: Apr 24, 9:36 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: I bought a small longterm position in this stock that has positive financing news today and is spiking a bit off its multi-week consolidation, detailed video lesson coming over the long holiday weekend with my plan here

Exit comments: This just keeps dropping on more and more news they might fail on their debt obligations so I'm cutting losses quickly, will do video lesson explaining EVERYTHING about this trade

Posted: Apr 13, 3:29 PM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: I used my high net worth broker to find shares to short of this one as it just had a nice crack after an attempted morning spike, still risky to short in this market, but this should drop 20-40 cents/share so worth the risk for me, small position on my overall account there, email for an intro ONLY if you have $30k minimum they require

Exit comments: Not going red on the day again, big wll of buyers now at 2.75, scary stock to short on a Friday, rule #1 cut losses fast, protect, protect, protect in this market

Posted: Apr 21, 10:53 AM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: I bought the morning dip on this contract winner as outlined in my watchlist last night, still a potential multi-month breakout if it can get over the 2.70s which it had problems with yesterday, that's my goal. nothing huge, but decent risk/reward by buying this dip with support around 2.50

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, it did go green on the day from being red, but just barely and can't get back to testing 2.70 highs from yesterday, no thanks, I'll play safe as nothing really seems to be spiking big today, NADL potential short for me here in the 2.80s

Posted: Apr 21, 9:36 AM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: I bought this contract winner up premarket near multi-week highs, right at breakout level, news should push it over, but not sure so small speculative position, good premarket volume/gain and big contract, goal is to make 10-20%, but if it fails to breakout cut it loose

Exit comments: Out with small gains on this stubborn one, no big spike at the open, NADL now at 2.15ish so that was actually better, aim small, miss small

Posted: Apr 20, 9:29 AM/$

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Entry comments: I re-bought this potential bouncer I tried yesterday as it already had a spike today and now seems to be holding green on the day/1.80 as support so limited downside and as plays like CBLI prove, these recent spikers can bounce goal is to sell in the low 2s, ideally tomorrow into a morning spike, but I have a feeling others will see it into the market close today so it might just run later this afternoon, small position though, speculative idea

Exit comments: Got a little bounce back tot he low 2s, but nothing huge, I'm not gonna focus on this, already got my goals from the 1.80s yesterday, congrats to all longs, remember to sell into strength today!

Posted: Apr 19, 2:31 PM/ 10/$

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Entry comments: I used my small Etrade account to buy this stock since IB isn't letting me, it's somewhat speculative so VERY small $ position, but it's down 50%+, the first big crack, I missed the market open and the great short, but now seems to be a decent dip buying opportunity, at least intraday given the #5 pattern from my guide as my goal is to get a 15-30% bounce

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz little bounce, nothing great, seeing 500k block sellers pop up on the ask every now and then doesn't help, little safe trade here, stay tuned for MUST WATCH video lesson later today on this, CBLI, IDXG, SNGX, a video that might even be as important to you as

Posted: Apr 19, 10:42 AM/ 2/$

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