Total Profits:

Entry comments: I bought this former weed runner on little morning spike could be multi-month breakout if it keeps running into the 8s, that's my goal 25-50 cents/share of upside

Exit comments: It hit the key 8.10 breakout level, but couldn't hold it, now fading so I cut losses quickly, always worth a shot on Friday mornings, but small loss, GEVO was the morning spiker today but it moved too fast for me to chase



Entry comments: I bought this Friday spiker on the big dip, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Nice little bounce here, not gonna get greedy as it nearly hit my goals after struggling for a bit, nice win after smaller loss earlier today


$250 Profit
EGYLong Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this perfect breakout chart play from my watchlist, not the most volatile stock so it's only a 5% drop, but ti should be able to make up most or all of it by day's end today so that's my goal, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, just a non-volatile version, but still a perfect multi-week breakout play

Exit comments: Zzzzzz weak bounce, got up to 2.88, but I got a bit greedy and tried giving it more time which reduced my profits considerably...just not volatile enough of a stock and the overall market is just crap



Entry comments: I bought this earnings winner on strength that I alerted in chat premarket, goal is to make 10-20%, good volume/breakout

Exit comments: I tried to give it time, but I'm SO impatient when I have a crappy entry like I did, giving live webinar too, will do video lesson explaining more in depth...wanted it to break day high of 4.60 convincingly, but it's just looking toppy so I play safe and lock in roughly $300 in profits, potential re-buy on nay big dip which I'd be more comfortable with



Entry comments: This recent Supernova is closing strong and having a solid first green day so I'm buying a small position for an overnight play, goal is just to make 5-10%, nothing huge, but the pattern is reliable and I'm using my small Etrade account so as not to waste a day trade

Exit comments: Got a little gain on my overnight position, nothing huge, but nice little gain for my small Etrade account



Entry comments: I re-bought this stock on a dip, I still think it can spike to the 1.90s or even low 2s, holding the 1.60s well and I think luring in shorts, nice big volume so I can exit easily if I'm wrong, could be quick though so be careful

Exit comments: Zzzzz, now it can't even get back to the 1.80s, having trouble in the 1.70s so I'm out for small gains, gottta protect on this stock, safety first



Entry comments: This recent Supernova just inked a nice deal in NYC a few minutes ago, already hit the 1.70s premarekt, so I'm buying on a dip, remember I underestimated this before buying it at .44 and selling it at .60 before it nearly hit $2 the next day so this can run, goal is just to make 10-20% when more people see this new news

Exit comments: Tried to be patient on this one but it hit my goals and looks to have solid resistance in the 1.80s so I take my roughly $1k profit and look to re-buy on any big dip or if volume is truly huge...remember this stock is down big the past 2 days, lots of bitter people will sell into this spike so I'm playing it conservatively


$577 Profit
DPWLong Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former Supernova spiking premarket news of lowering debt/Bitcoin leveraging, this has run big and fast before, goal is to make 10-20% as more people see this breaking news, thanks http://stockstotrade.com for the head's up

Exit comments: Zzzzz, its holding near its highs, but it's not getting the volume it needs to really go Supernova on a Friday morning...worth a shot though as remember to be more aggressive on Fridays as things can get crazy, I'll check in again on this near the market open to see if it has more spikeability then, also watching EDAP, challenge students, live trading webinar begins at 9am EST today so be ready


$836 Profit
JVALong Stock

Entry comments: I got this earnings winner/former Supernova on a big dip off its highs, it moves fast, nice entry price for me, goal is to make 30-60 cents/share on the bounce, but its quick

Exit comments: Nice 10% gain on my small position and it's hitting my goals so I won't get greedy, just taking singles as I go, dip buys on http://tim.ly/tsearnings earnings winners and former Supernovas is a solid strategy



Entry comments: This spiked big yesterday on big volume, today its gone red-to-green so my goal is to sell into further spiking, ideally the low 4s

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, got a nice red-to-green move making me think it could spike big, but now its topping out in the low 3.90s, yesterday afternoon's high so I'm out for small profits as this is NOT a convincing breakout so when in doubt, get out...maybe it goes more later, but AMRH was a better morning spiker, congrats to longs there


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