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Entry comments: I went bigger like I wanted to earlier not eh nice afternoon consolidation, the PR is still VERY positive/hyped up, will do overnight video lesson, but my goal is to sell in the .13s or even .14s or .15s today or tomorrow, this is a classic first Green Day on a former supernova

Exit comments: Nice little gain here, not as big as I wanted, but I'll take it, potential rebuy on any big dip only



Entry comments: Former Supernova from a few years ago spiking big on this surprisingly solid seeming news with Polartec https://tim.ly/2PhOuiC quote from Polartec CEO very hyper, goal is to make 20-40%, this thing can fly so be careful, small $ position since it's up so much already today

Exit comments: Zzzzz I thought ti could keep going Supernova, but it's looking top since it's up so much today already, I might re-buy b before the market close but we'll see how it acts, right now just taking small profits to lock the gains in and be safe midday



Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner into its big morning panic, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, a little higher priced than I like, but goal is to make 30-50 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Whew, even though it's a higher priced stock it's still a rush and my goals have been met so I won't get greedy, solid profit here



Entry comments: PRPO is now in the .38s so I underestimated it, but it's choppy so no regret, EDXC which I highlighted in chat is having a MUCH smoother uptrend so I'm buying that with the goal to sell in the .60s tomorrow

Exit comments: I took small profits on my overnight position here...real winner was PRPO up to the .50s since my buy alert at .34ish yesterday...I sold that way too soon, but again its choppy...congrats to longs on both



Entry comments: I bought this recent runner that is closing strong on a seemingly solid first Green Day of a recent runner with big volume, not sure if I'll hold overnight, gotta see how it acts at .37ish which is multi-day highs, if it breaks that, would love to sell in the low .40s

Exit comments: Damn what a fast-moving stock LOL, I'm out for small gains, this is looking very top today and not to mention its choppy too so unless it closes MUCH stronger I'll just wait to see what it can do at the market open tomorrow instead of having overnight risk, fortunate to eke out a small gain on this one, but I'm playing it safe



Entry comments: I got a partial execution on this former Supernova, spiking near the market open on news, speculative, but this is a Friday, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Failed morning spike, I'm out for small losses, zzzzz, worth a shot on speculative Fridays, poor executions by me too, will do video lesson



Entry comments: Small speculative trade since this pump that's been crashing just went red to green, let's see if it can get to the .40s, VERY small position, see my premarket video lesson on the fact this may not bounce big

Exit comments: Whew, this is a fast mover, hit my target before I could even get alert out at .42, now in the high .40s so its done all I thought it could, even if this finishes red, it's good to try speculative SMALL positions on these plays that lots of shorts are in because they have to cover to take profits so I'm happy with my profits of a few hundred bucks after taking a roughly $1800 position



Entry comments: I dip bought this big crash on this pump, NAILED it in my watchlist, congrats to all shorts, Ib had shares, now shorts begin to cover to take profits, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, nothing huge, stay cautious

Exit comments: Zzzzz, weak bounce and the overall market is going down more so I'll play this one safely. It spiked into a wall of sellers in the low 1.80s and then nothing else and that's fine as I'm not right for big profits all the time, but trying speculative setups like this attempted midday bounce is fine



Entry comments: This recent runner is up trending all day and looks to be closing strong, should test former breakout at .40ish later today or tomorrow, goal is to sell in the low to mid .40s

Exit comments: Sold into nice little gap up, probably spikes more, but I'm getting onto flight right now so good to lock in gains and be safe...hopefully will have wifi so I'll be back on shortly, but my insane schedule and solid roughly 10% or a few hundred bucks in profits on this should prove to you that this strategy can work nicely for small accounts/ANYONE



Entry comments: I'm buying this strong first Green Day on a former Supernova in a hot sector, big % gain, big volume, nice breakout over morning high, let's see how high it can go, goal is to make another 10-20%, ideally selling into gap up and/or morning spike tomorrow

Exit comments: Perfect little gap up for my to sell into, I'm trading from a plane on my way to the Game of Thrones premiere tonight so glad I could make this overnight gimme....remember the pattern well: first green days on former OTC runners ideally with a big % gain and big volume day like KALY had yesterday...maybe it goes more, but I'm playing it safe given where I'm trading from and thew if is going in and out lol #workfromanywhere


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