Total Profits:
-$105 Loss
MULNLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this STT Breaking News play, company says high demand for their EV vehicles, already spiked big to the high 9s, I'd love a bounce to the mid 9s only

Exit comments: Out for small losses, just not doing much, perhaps its midday boredom or the overall market, but either way its worth a shot, had it worked it could've bounced 25-50 cents/share, small losses are part fo the game and acceptable to me



Entry comments: Small position in this big OTC runner, with change of control news alerted by STT Breaking News, beware of low float, moves fast, low volume too, not ideal, but worth a shot for holiday trading, lets see how far it can go, it already hit 2.20 today, thats my goal to sell into

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz no big followup move, its toppy at levels just below the previous day highs of 2ish, maybe needs to have a dip or more volume before it can finally breakout so I'll take small gains and just watch it for now...holidays runners can REALLY run, but this market isn't as speculative as usual right now


-$39 Loss
SNPWLong Stock

Entry comments: PERFECT morning panic due to over-aggressive overnight longs, this is why I didn't have a position, potential bouncer, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: No bounce means I cut losses fast, small losses are fine, maybe more panic coming under .02 which would make for better dip buy anyway


-$195 Loss
ELEKLong Stock

Entry comments: I missed initial spike execution in the high 2s, but just got some on a dip off the highs of 3.40, new STT Breaking News play, electric vehicle news, it can run, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: No spike cut losses fast, rule #1



Entry comments: Dip bought this STT Breaking News play https://tim.ly/3nJ2dC4 off its highs at .02ish, I'd love to see a breakout over the day high or a retest, solid news, lets see how far it can go

Exit comments: Nice little winner to start the day, got a breakout over earlier highs, but its weak so I won't push my luck, taking my single here, waiting for the dip was key


-$298 Loss
RETOLong Stock

Entry comments: One more speculative dip buy on this giant crasher now, worth a shot since it was at 3 late last week

Exit comments: I gave it time, but no bounce, perhaps the big panic will be under $1, small losses are acceptable, what a crazy play



Entry comments: I bought this play that's been holding its gains well all day today on news of potential uplisting and this is one of the biggest Supernovas of the past with tons of promoters so they'll probably hype it up all weekend long, the goal is to sell in the high .50s or .60s next week, similar setup to IQST

Exit comments: Solid over-the-weekend winner, taking my profits, I won't get greedy



Entry comments: One more panic dip buy into a recent multiday runner, goal is to sell into a bounce in the 2.50s-2.60s, nothing huge, but better multiday setup than OSCI

Exit comments: Weirddddd action here, glad to be out for small gains, wipes away earlier losses, but this doesn't look very solid so perhaps another bigger panic coming too so I;'m exiting just to play safe. Not ideal, but you have to adapt to what the market gives you


-$288 Loss
OSCILong Stock

Entry comments: Small dip buy on this panic as predicted in my watchlist on that late day fakeout yesterday that trapped a lot of over-aggressive longs, I still think this can run but I like dip buying panic, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 is cut losses fast, small losses aren't fun but they are part of the game, maybe bigger panic which could lead to better dip buy later



Entry comments: I bought this STT Breaking News alert, army contract for 3d mapping, the stock is down big lately so maybe this bounces it, speculative, gut goal is to make 5-10%, worth a shot in this crazy market

Exit comments: Little winner here I'll take since its struggling at day highs of 3.30, thx to http://tim.ly/breaking for the alert, remember former Supernovas with breaking news and army contracts are usually good catalysts...


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