Total Profits:

Entry comments: No morning panic so I'm buying small position for a morning spike, only got partial execution, moving too fast

Exit comments: Zzzzz no big spike, not gonna risk it in this tricky market on this tricky stock, potential re-buy lower



Entry comments: Fortunate my plane just landed and this hasn't bounced yet, morning panic predicted by yesterday's first red day and in my watchlist, goal is to sell into 10-20% bounce, got 500k shares this time, not gonna make math error I did last time on low priced HMPQ, same http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern as always

Exit comments: Nice $700+ midday profit from the airport, not bad for under an hour's work, but it is having problems around the high .015s like it failed on its first bounce attempt earlier today so not sure if it can keep bouncing or if it needs more panic first and tomorrow could be the big bounce day, we'll see, for now I'm just playing it safe as I like doing in this tricky overall market



Entry comments: I dip bought this big premarket spiker on a big dip near the market open, partial position, goal is to sell into bounce for 5-10% bounce, nothing huge, since it has a ton of shorts pounding it

Exit comments: Whew, that was quick, I'll take my $2k and not look back, glad I figured out the proper position size here, all my goals met, not gonna get greedy


$45 Profit
HMPQLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought this strong OTC piece of junk stock finishing high on strong volume, let's see how far the junk can run thanks to the overall market bounce and if volume gets big enough it has run for multiple days in the past, my goal is just to make 10-20% overnight into gap up or morning spike, be careful did I mention this is speculative junk, but it does have good price action today

Exit comments: Sold into the nice little gap up even though my position size makes this trade basically a scratch, good news is the pattern works well so I'll wait and be better prepared for the next first green day OTC play



Entry comments: I bought this OTC again on its probable strong first green day, it got up to 1.70ish, I would love to sell it there tomorrow into a gap up or morning spike given the contract news is meaningful for such a speculative stock and good signs that the overall markets have come back so much today now, possible triple bottom in place

Exit comments: Nice little overnight gain, nothing huge, but I'll take it every time as the contract news got some new buyers in overnight and maybe it has a delayed morning spike again like yesterday, but I'll take my roughly $2k profit and not be greedy here



Entry comments: I dip bought this big morning runner on news with Alibaba https://tim.ly/2RKzTN2 coulda woulda shoulda bought earlier, but I chose PTOTF incorrectly, now buying this on nice dip off its highs in the high 4s, goal is to sell into a bounce back there

Exit comments: No bounce and overall market just dropped big, rule #1 play safe



Entry comments: I bought this former runner on news of a new contract https://tim.ly/2Pm6nLJ I think this is the first $ deal for their weapons detection, it's run in the past, lets see how it does here, goal is to make 10-20%, but tough market so be conservative

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz I sold for a small gains, but good lesson in how speculative stocks are doing right now, going nowhere fast so be sure to adapt to this environment and be safe


$886 Profit
RHELong Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big spiker on news of big new investor, goal is to sell int the .20s

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, looks to be double topping just under .20 which was premarket highs, needed to break that to have a shot at a bigger spike



Entry comments: I dip bought this premarket spiker into a morning panic, should have support in the 4.70s, would love to see a bounce back to premarket levels in the low 5s

Exit comments: No bounce, markets going down, weed stocks dropping, rule #1 cut losses quickly, small losses are fine and part of the game



Entry comments: I got a partial position in this recent pump on premarket partnership news https://tim.ly/2QpZ1M0 lets see how far it can spike, c'mon promoters, get back at it please

Exit comments: Quick spike failed fast, KGKG is actually breaking out so I bought the wrong CBD play, cutting losses here, not letting a small mistake turn into a potential big disaster


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