Total Profits:

Entry comments: Rebought the breakout, I was just too early before, goal is to sell in the .10s or .11s today or tomorrow, smaller position though due to risk i case this is a fakeout

Exit comments: SUCH a nice late day move, made back my earlier losses and more since I stuck with it, not gonna hold overnight since it's still a PERFECT setup for a morning panic dip buy tomorrow and I don't want to be distracted from that potential great trade


-$295 Loss
GGIILong Stock

Entry comments: Rebought this all day runner on a slight dip off its afternoon high, I think it can retest if not breakout past morning highs in the mid .09s, I'd love to sell in the .10s or .11s

Exit comments: I tried to be patient but the overall market is dropping hard and this is late in this one's runup, probly better risk/reward dip buying any big morning panic tomorrow instead, so this is a small loss for me to protect myself and be ready for tomorrow!



Entry comments: Partial fill on this new runner on a new SEC filing https://tim.ly/3eAzzPa thx STT News, goal is to sell in the .04s could be fast given news

Exit comments: Going nowhere fast, shoulda held onto GGII which is now in the .08s, unreal mover there, waiting for panic dip buy now, probly tomorrow or Wednesday



Entry comments: Partial fill on the dip on this multiday runner, goal is to profit 10-20%, wanted bigger position

Exit comments: Goals achieved, perfect spike , can't get greedy, doesn't really matter with such small size either way, congrats to all longs here, especially anyone long over the weekend



Entry comments: Etrade issues seem to be fixed, I'm buying this former runner testing day highs on a potential rebound day, goal is to profit 10-20% today, stay safe/conservative though...Potential http://tim.ly/fgdotc3 pattern here

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful Friday morning move, not gonna get greedy, just locking in my single, one of the best trades I've done in a while, will review over the weekend in a new video lesson, wish I took more size, but I'm happy with it still



Entry comments: Partial fill o this morning runner with news, little dip off its highs, goal is to sell for 10-20%, ideally break above those highs, cut losses if no spike followup

Exit comments: Small win, but nothing huge, major issues at Etrade, not gonna risk it when my main broker is having issues galore, stay safe


-$68 Loss
RETCLong Stock

Entry comments: Buying this strong morning spiker on George Sharp custodianship news, partial fill, its jumping fast, goal is to profit 10-20%

Exit comments: No followup spike, rule #1 cut losses fast, small losses are fine



Entry comments: Got a better position here on a big dip off the highs, goal is to sell into a bounce n the .04s, cut losses fast if no bounce, but I'm much more comfortable buying on a dip rather than chasing like before

Exit comments: Decent little gain on the bounce but nothing major and big sellers at .04, gotta get more conservative now given all these failed spikers, protect protect, protect


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