Total from 1/1/2022 to 12/31/2022 is

Entry comments: One more dip buy attempt on this, aiming fo r a double bottom as it bounced all the way t the mid $17s before so I underestimated it bgtgime, I'd love to sell in the $17s or $18s

Exit comments: Taking profits since my goals have been hit on this solid bounce back this time even though volume is weak and the spread between the bid and ask is just crazy...taking my profits here, I'll review on my http://tim.ly/sykeschallenge webinar in 90 minutes, sometimes a double bottom is the play when a stock doesn't panic or bounce perfectly the first time and I'm glad to make back my earlier losses and more


-$143 Loss
VENGLong Stock

Entry comments: One more time, same morning panic as yesterday, goal is to make $1-2/share on the bounce, small position due to lack of liquidity

Exit comments: No bounce, maybe more panic so rule #1 cut losses quickly, small losses are fine



Entry comments: Buying this late day runner/former Supernova on this news https://tim.ly/3i03Zi8 of a ridiculous analyst price target of $6, what a pump! Let's see how far it can go, it already hit .21ish so I'm catching it on a slight dip, goal is to make 15-30% today/tomorrow

Exit comments: Nice little win here just getting my feet wet with this new market environment, the stock keeps going now in the .23s so perhaps I'm playin too safe, but when a play is up 300% in a day I get a bit worried, I wish it would've slowed down and gapped up/morning spiked tomorrow, but I'll take what the market gives me, video lesson coming too


-$145 Loss
SMMTLong Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this multimonth breakout play just off its highs, I'd love to see a bounce/squeeze back to the 5s, cut losses if it can't hold green on the day

Exit comments: No bounce whatsoever despite the 50k bidder at 4.87 which just got chipped away, no thanks to being too aggressive midday, rule #1 cut losses quickly, remember http://tim.ly/clq always, especially on speculative plays like this



PERFECT http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, but it happened too fast for an alert or for me to take too much size, there was a $4/share bounce so I only took much less than 1/2 the bounce with 1/4 of the position I wanted but still made a few hundred. This is the EXACT type of trade small accounts should do, big accounts can't do them, its too fast and not enough liquidity...this is why I teach, LEARN FROM THIS!



Entry comments: I bought this play breaking out of a PERFECT multimonth base on strong volume despite the overall sluggish market & it looks to be due to more insider buying https://tim.ly/3VzpLXI which was reported after the close last night & explains today's morning spike. The stock has also managed to make new intraday highs & I wouldn't be surprised to see more insider buys reported as they seem to buy in groups. I'll do a video lesson on this, my goal is to make 5-15%, just not a volatile s...

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful first green day with news gap up, it's been a while since we've seen such a picture perfect chart so I'm locking in m single here, potential re-buy into any big intraday panics



Entry comments: Partial fill on this play thats teasing a multimonth breakout, goal is to make 5-15%, not hugely volatile but solid pattern and price action here

Exit comments: Nice little morning spike/multimonth breakout but this one just isn't very volatile so it probly needs/deserves a swing trade, but I'm still feeling like crap so I can't sit and watch paint dry...taking my single, will still watch it later though since its a truly perfect chart breakout



Entry comments: I'm buying this recent runner that's about to take out multiday resistance as its been uptrending all week despite the ugly market and they just posted some more news on their LinkedIn today https://tim.ly/3PREUlO which makes me think they'll have a press release next week, not to mention there's a lot of online promo on this one so my guess is promoters will hype it up all weekend long...goal is to make 10-30%...I'll do a video lesson this weekend on it too!

Exit comments: Nice little weekend gap play here, nothing huge, but it worked as I wanted...potential re-buy on any actual press release this week


Newsletters:Weekend Trader

Entry comments: I dip bought this former runner that's showing signs of big spiking in heavier than normal volume, its holiday trading so I can be more speculative, goal is to sell in the 1.20s or 1.30s

Exit comments: Beautiful weekend gap up and morning spike so I'll lock in my profits here, slid single on a speculative trade


-$90 Loss
GTIILong Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this former runner on a dip off its intraday high at 1.18, I'd love to sell this in the 1.20s or 1.30s as it can run fast, SMMT did eventually breakout so this pattern is working even in this ugly market but might require some patience

Exit comments: Going nowhere fast, the entire market bounce just failed too, but as frustrating as they are, small losses are acceptable, don't want to let a small mistake turn into a potential disaster


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