Total from 3/1/2022 to 3/31/2022 is

Entry comments: Partial fill on this fast spiker, STT Breaking News alert, reducing share structure https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/460974916565598230/959155749567737927/unknown.png lets see how far it can go, might be fast, goal is 10-20%

Exit comments: Nice little winner, just wish I had bigger position but the spike was sooooo fast so I took what I can get...you gotta see that http://tim.ly/breaking2 has been on fire all week long, amazing job by them!



Entry comments: Breaking news play https://tinyurl.com/mpzymwaa sub-pennies have been hot, lets see how far this can go, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Solid % gain, sub-pennies with news catalysts are working so well right now, taking this single and not looking back, recognize the best pattern and act



Entry comments: STT Breaking News, big companies buying this recent runner EV vehicles, goal is to make 5-10%, could be fast, massive volume already

Exit comments: Solid little winner here, I should've gone bigger but I'm trying to take a nap since its 1am, God bless http://tim.ly/breaking2 they are on fire right now



Entry comments: Partial fill, weed news runner https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ECOX/news/story?e&id=2169857 thx stt breaking news, goal is to make 15-30%, could be fast, morning spiker, big %

Exit comments: Nice % winner here, wish I had bigger $ position but it spiked so fast, this is why http://tim.ly/breaking2 is so crucial, seconds matter lately with these sub-penny spikers, good lesson for me



Entry comments: Dip buying this big morning spiker with acquisition news, thx STT Breaking News, goal is t sell into new highs, ideally the .007s or .008s

Exit comments: Nice little single here, nothing huge, but glad to nail it, thx again STT Breaking News, I'll review it soon, singles add up


-$240 Loss
DATSLong Stock

Entry comments: Nice morning panic to dip buy into, goal is 5-10% bounce, variation on the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 is to cut losses quickly, better too focus on big AMC/GME squeezes and now crashes and their many sympathy plays



Entry comments: Speculative buy on former Supernova with http://tim.ly/breaking news with machine interlinked with human patent https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP14775374 very Matrix-like, let's see how far it can go, goal is to make 5-10%

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, just not really moving, maybe it needs a PR about this patent, but even then it might not really do much so I'm just exiting safely for small gains, I'll only rebuy if it can get some real volume again like it used to be able to generate on this kind of news


-$50 Loss
GFAILong Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy off the highs on this speculative morning spiker on recent runner, let's see how far it can go, goal is to make 5-10%, could be fast

Exit comments: Zzzzz, weak morning spike, maybe it goes more later, but the SNDL dip buy into morning panic or MJNA morning spike were far better plays...I'm focused on making this http://tim.ly/nfts presentation for next week, it's going to be very eye-opening, much more volatility in that niche right now, small losses are fine



Entry comments: Another morning spiker, former Supernova, good news https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/AIAD/news/story?e&id=2164317 thx STT Breaking news, goal is to sell in the .03s

Exit comments: Goals met so I'm locking it in as the overall market keeps going lower, I get more conservative not more aggressive, potential re-buy later today but this is near best case scenario for its morning spike



Entry comments: Partial fill on this big morning spiker with news, thx STT Breaking news, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast, wanted bigger position

Exit comments: Out for small gains as it just double topped at .0215 and the overall market is ugly today so I'm doubtful that this can run much more like other big recent % gainers lately, playing it extra-safely here, safety first in this market


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