Total from 12/1/2009 to 3/2/2014 is

Entry comments: Morning spike to 12ish this morning due to upcoming Seeking Alpha article, now dipped 40 cents/share, same kind of play as EKSO/YOD but this is higher priced and less exciting, glad to buy it on a dip though, will try to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Cutting losses, not uptrending the way EKSO/YOD did on their Friday runups, playing it safe, potential rebuy but can't stick around when stocks don't do what you expect


$179 Profit
YODLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought the big morning dip, glad I sold premarket, now gonna try to make 20-30 cents/share again, good risk/reward down here, squeeze can still happen

Exit comments: Bounce not happening so I get out and play it safely...weirdddd selling after such strength yesterday, similar to EKSO though so maybe something to do with all Seeking Alpah plays



Entry comments: Buying this late day breakout, probly gonna test/break new day highs, probable morning spike/gap up from trapped shorts, fi the company was smart, they'd have a PR and join this Chinese mobile content gold rush, good risk/reward after several days of consolidation, wanted bigger position but I'm not gonna chase, goal is to sell in the 6s today or tomorrow

Exit comments: PERFECT morning gap up/spike premarket, not gonna risk any big sellers where this is hitting my target of 6...congrats to longs, might keep going, but there's no specific catalyst so I play it safe and take my roughly 30 cents/share profit



Entry comments: buying on the dip related to Groupon's earnings miss, GLUU had strong earnings so I think this is an over-reaction, goal is to sell in the 5s or even 6s in a few days/weeks

Exit comments: Not a huge gains, but a solid 10% in a week, I'll take it with this choppy stock mainly because the spike is due to a poorly researched Seeking Alpha article, potential rebuy if the stock dips a ton (probable) or if there's meaningful news



Entry comments: Shorted on the intraday drop/support crack, they're not in the ethanol business anymore like PEIX, they sold it late 2013, so this entire runup is on misinformation, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share

Exit comments: Other newsletters/chatrooms now shorting piggybacking my alert, I don't like crowded trades, that opens up the door to short squeezes, taking small profits and will look to re-enter, ideally after big spike



Entry comments: Aiming for 20-30 cents/share on the dip buy, VERY risky, don't chase too far, might be a good ultimate dip, might not, just going for the low risk, decent reward trade here

Exit comments: NAILED the bottom, now 3.56 so I played it too safe, but on a risky stock like this I'll take an easy $2500 any day



Entry comments: Bought this CANN sympathy play right near multi-day resistance, CANN is up 66% today and this only only 44% and this one has a much lower float/marketcap/less extended chart, goal is to make $2-4/share later today or tomorrow, don't chase it as it moves quick but executions take a while, hence why I'm buying before the market close, ideally for a morning gap up/morning spike, if it can break 15, it can reallly spike Supernova style but if not I still make $1/share into the top, good risk/reward

Exit comments: Just like disappointing CANN, there's no gap up/morning spike here, executions takes forever on this one, out for small overall gains between yesterday and today, gotta play it safe



Entry comments: Bought on news of Walmart tripling their order with PLUG, obviously could be much bigger order later on, in yesterday's http://tim.ly/sykesmc webinar I said watch PLUG if it breaks 4, now with today's new contract extensions, this should see 5, wish I had stuck to pattern yesterday, but even with late entry I should be fine, breakout over premarket high at 4.58 too, small position though due to risk

Exit comments: Not breaking out like I wanted so I cut losses quickly, havent even done watchlist yet, too many http://tim.ly/sykesmc students emailing me who bought PLUG during our webinar at 4 yesterday...



Entry comments: Reshorted as I think this is the beginning of the big crash of 30-70% this week, missed out on the 100% win on YOD playing too conservatively, I won't make that mistake here, SAME pattern as http://tim.ly/sykestrades so let's go for it right?

Exit comments: Covered for another $70k day today, please congratulate me here http://tim.ly/1c88VsE I want 400 likes, these are the profits WE ALL LIVE & STRIVE FOR...video lesson coming later today!



Entry comments: Buying this longtime favorite on the dip, Google Glass gets introduced soon, VUZI has tons of partnerships, a big institutional guy, Orin Hirschman, just announced a 10% stake, me thinks this spikes 20-50% in the coming weeks, great risk/reward buying the dip

Exit comments: Sold into the spike caused by their latest Navy contract...still a good longterm buy but I've learned this stock is VERY choppy so I like taking 20% profits when I can, congrats guys!


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