Total from 1/1/2022 to 7/4/2022 is
$435 Profit
LYTLong Stock

Entry comments: Speculative buy on possible Friday short squeeze for holiday trading, goal is to sell in the 5s, could be fast, cut losses if no further bounce

Exit comments: PERFECT Friday short squeeze, guess I shoulda gone bigger, but it was speculative, I'll take this single



Entry comments: Partial fill on this former runner with reverse split news, lets see how far it can go, CMGR style, cut losses if no bigger spike

Exit comments: Got the quick spike I wanted, exact price action as CMGR, probly same promoters/market makers which means i has more upside, but I have a crazy day so I'm locking it in, ugly overall market, gotta stay safe, potential dip buys are better



Entry comments: Speculative buy on this morning runner, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast, cut losses if no bounce, STT Breaking News

Exit comments: Nice little spiker, not gonna get greedy as my goals have been met, just wanted to test it out as spikers have been far better this week, whewwwww, what a rush!



Entry comments: Recent big spiker the other day just had a PR premarket with Target https://tim.ly/3QU04jt let's see how far it can run, I underestimated it big last time so I'm gonna try again here, goal is to make 15-30%, could be fast, thx STT Breaking News

Exit comments: Decent little 10% winner, but nothing truly huge, big sellers at .007 so I'll lock it in safely, small gains add up, never forget



Entry comments: Speculative buy on this morning spiker/recent runner thats flirting with red-to-green, lets see how far it can go as shorts are likely getting squeezed

Exit comments: I got a little spike but no0thing much like I wanted, the volume and the overall markets are now fading pretty bad so I won't overstay my welcome here, happy to have a small profit



Entry comments: I'm dip buying this female contraceptive play that's a big runner today on Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision https://tim.ly/3Nesim9 and this issue will be written about extensively all weekend long so this should have more momentum...it already hit .49 today and has support in the .37s so I'd love a bounce back to that range afterhours today or Monday. I'll have a detailed video lesson this weekend too.

Exit comments: Solid over-the-weekend winner, a bit off the highs, but still my biggest % gainer in 2022 as this Roe V. Wade news is the biggest story right now and EVFM is a direct beneficiary....congrats to everyone on this, see my premarket video lesson too with all the details



Entry comments: I rebought this play on a dip off its highs that's holding above morning highs and now SEC filing is confirmed https://tim.ly/3NaTnGI by STT Breaking News and this is just the first green day so I'd love to sell into the high .03s or low .04s later today or tomorrow, cut losses if it cant hold the breakout

Exit comments: I wanted to try to hold overnight since its just the first green day, but it's hit my targets already so I won't get greedy...this play has been solid for me both times today



Entry comments: Partial fill on this morning spiker, lets see how far it can go, positive SEC filing, goal is to sell in the .03s, could be fast

Exit comments: Whewwwww what a morning spiker, only wish I had gotten filled more shares, but happy to take what I could, OTCs are back


$74 Profit
CMGRLong Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on my rebuy of this big runner wayyyyy off its highs, I think it can still get back above .01 today or tomorrow, just the first green day on this play, cut losses though if no bounce

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains, looks to be lots of big sellers and no huge bounce like I thought...and the overall market is fading too so it looks like tomorrow could be a big panic day, ready for any big morning panics, especially TXTM which could be great



Entry comments: Dip buying this big runner off its highs, c'mon 10-20% bounce, partial fill

Exit comments: Nice little wallet pad here on that intraday dip, I underestimated it bigtime the first spike around but even when that happens, there's usually a second or even third opportunity...learn the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern well, it's ALL about preparation and being ready for perfect plays like this


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