Total Profits:
-$362 Loss
BRLLLong Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on this morning spike on this news http://tim.ly/3v4pa4q already hit .22, I'd love to see it get back there and maybe retweet or breakout, hard hit play over the past few days, cut losses if it can't hold green on the day

Exit comments: Cut losses on this one, now bounce, gotta focus on BAYP which has better price action



Entry comments: Partial execution on this breakout, first green day OTC, hard hit, just took out day high, goal is to profit 5-10%, nothing huge heading into midday bu solid pattern

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, another boring breakout, sign of the times this week so I won't force it heading into midday, another small gain for me, but more importantly another solid lesson



Entry comments: Dip buying this classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, goal is to profit 5-10%, not hugely volatile but solid pattern

Exit comments: Zzzzz tried to be patient but its going nowhere fast, BTZI dip buy was the one that needed more patience, good lesson for me, but BTZI is a scary play so I don' mind playing it overly safe



Entry comments: Another one, dip buying this classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic, goal is to profit 10-20% on the bounce, extreme panic here

Exit comments: Small gain, I thought it get back t the .50s but there's just widespread destruction today in all plays so I'll play extra-safe just in case



Entry comments: Trying a speculative little dip buy here, will cut losses quickly if it cant bounce but big % dip off the highs, worth a shot, sellers look tired, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Choppy now just previous bounce highs, so no thanks I'm out for small gains, SHMP also dipping hard, might buy that, too many plays aye aye aye aye



Entry comments: Remember big recent runners, taking out day highs so I'm in, goal is to sell in the .10s or .11s, it moves fast

Exit comments: Looks to have a solid wall of sellers in the high .09s and low .10s so I won't risk it midday, small gain, taking my singles in this quieter market today



Entry comments: Partial position on this all day runner, I missed the dip in the low .06s so now I'm chasing a bit but this looks to close strong like ILUS yesterday and VDRM a few days ago, goal is to sell in the .07s or .08s

Exit comments: Nice rebound off lows but no clear breakout like RLFTF just had which is far better, I chose the wrong one so I'm out for small gains


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