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Entry comments: One crypto play over the weekend for me, its just too good price action to ignore, unless crypto falls apart this should gap up, we'll see, small $ position just in case, but goal is to sell in the .04s next week

Exit comments: No gap up over the weekend due to Bitcoin dropping hard, this is why I'm not a big fan of this sector since these plays basically turn into commodity plays reacting tot he main commodity which is Bitcoin, but small losses are fine, rule #1, I won't get stubborn, too many other potential plays



Entry comments: Dip buy on this massive Bitcoin loser, goal is to sell in the .20s, this is why I cut losses so fast before, always opens up dip buys

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz weak bounce, out of this one, LTNC was far better, that'll be my focus on potential dip buys



Entry comments: Buying this new OTC spiker on space SPAC news http://tim.ly/2Mdnq75 goal is to make 15-30%, could be fast, thx STT Breaking News

Exit comments: Out for small gains, not spiking big and my Etrade not cooperating, play safe when broker issues


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