Total Profits:
$75 Profit
ENZCLong Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this former spiker n them refuting social media badmouthing, solid new PR, lets see if it can bounce to the .070s or .08s, small $ position though

Exit comments: I tried to give it time, but no big bounce like this play usually has, out with small gains, potential re-buy into bigger panic...also watching VPLM panic too for potential dip buy



Entry comments: Dip buying the morning panic, predicted in chat yesterday, same http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern as always, people forget and get too cocky

Exit comments: WAYYYYYYY too easy, I should've gone FARRRRR bigger, I forget somemtimes how dead on I can be when not chasing these OTC runners, this is one of my best calls of the year and I warned EVERYONE before the close in chat yesterday so no excuse whatsoever to miss this gimmie



Entry comments: Dip bought this big panic on a recent multiday runner, great entry, lots of support at .05, goal is 5-10% bounce, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, I'm trying a little later in the morning this time

Exit comments: Nice little bouncer lately as 11am bounces have been more effective/safer than bounces near the open, this was an IDEAL risk/reward trade given the pattern and how much this play was down off its highs, I'll have a video lesson on this, you don't need to take excessive risks to achieve excessive returns, small gains add up



Entry comments: Dip buy ing the big panic, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, goal is 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: Another solid dip buy into panic, I reallllllly need to go bigger as I coulda shoulda woulda had 100k here. Good lesson that all my ideas are working right now, hot OTC market, bigger position into any bigger panic coming too ideally. I don't NEED to trade but if the pattern is there I'll grab it



Entry comments: Partial fill, former Supernova with solid news, thx STT Breaking News, goal is to sell .20-.22 not a huge mover

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, out for small gains, this just isn't spiking as much as I thought it could, maybe later today, but I'm not great with slower moving stocks, just exiting now to be safe



Entry comments: Bought this former Supernova on a strong close and strong pumping, first green day, not sure if I'll hold overnight but the goal is to sell in hte .19s or .20s today or tomorrow

Exit comments: This one was hyped all nightlong by promoters, but it's not doing that much at the open so I'm out for tiny gains, gotta prioritize any morning panics and bounces instead, ideally on NSAV or CPSL...worth a shot, but no dice here for me



Entry comments: Former Supernova with early news with Intel https://tim.ly/2S3EFKD nice gap up so lets see hw far it can run since this news seems credible and its wayyyy off its highs, goal is to profit 10-20%, cut losses if no further spike, thx STT News

Exit comments: Zzzzzz small gain but nothing huge, missed TAWNF and EEGI which were better



Entry comments: I wanted a bigger position and lower on this second solid first green day OTC play, former runner, but its holding up well so I'm just buying it into the ask sadly, goal is to make 5-10%, this isn't as volatile but its a solid setup still give its former glory

Exit comments: Nice overnight winner here, not gonna get greedy, singles add up



Entry comments: Another panic dip buy, this is most probly max panic o this one, goal is to profit 5-10%

Exit comments: Nice little win in a tough market, not gonna get greedy since its the afternoon, tomorrow morning panics should be magnificent, you better tune into my http://tim.ly/livetrading event tomorrow!



Entry comments: Buying this breakout, wish it were later in the day but its not stopping, goal is to sell in the .50s today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Too much going on, small profits, here, have to focus on new STT news play, aye aye aye, hate midday trading


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