Total Profits:

Entry comments: I bought this play that's been holding its gains well all day today on news of potential uplisting and this is one of the biggest Supernovas of the past with tons of promoters so they'll probably hype it up all weekend long, the goal is to sell in the high .50s or .60s next week, similar setup to IQST

Exit comments: Solid over-the-weekend winner, taking my profits, I won't get greedy



Entry comments: Bigger panic here so I take a bigger position, gal is to sell for 5-10% bounce, the panic is realllly on now, crazy

Exit comments: Fast bounce I'll take and not get greedy since this one is scary and now the entire market is falling off a cliff so stay safe



Entry comments: PERFECT morning pa ic very day goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, could be fast like yestrday

Exit comments: I love this play every single day, nothing huge, but this is a CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern every day as the promoters always seem to prop it up and dip buyers should recognize that



Entry comments: I bought the morning panic here, goal is to sell into 5-10% bounce, cut losses under 2

Exit comments: Absolutely gorgeous bounce, only wish I had gotten filled on more size but it was quick, great example of the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern here and this was my single biggest winner of 2020 when it was TSNP so the trend continues with this new ticker, dip buys only into


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