Total Profits:

Entry comments: Low priced education play, former runner, spiking to new highs right now, goal is to profit 10-30%, hot sector

Exit comments: Weak breakout over day high at .0095, no thanks, small gain, staying safe in this choppy market, but. glad to play the hot education niche, will still watch this one to see if it can hold/extend gains, singles add up



Entry comments: The one former runner that hasn't run much yet, only got 1/3 of the size I wanted as its spiking fast, thx to whoever brought it up in chat, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Breakout over previous high was weakkkk, no thanks, VPER, INND, ENZC, OZSC better all day runners, so I'll take a small gain and not overtsay, maybe playing too safely, but I'm in the mode f protect, protect, protect



Entry comments: Partial fills on this breakout on a former runner, another first green day OTC play, aye aye aye too many plays all at once yet again

Exit comments: Out for small profits, its being pumped endlessly on Twitter but not jumping enough, I am not comfortable so out with small profits, big sellers at .025 too, no thx



Entry comments: Buying the dip on this multiday runner, goal is to profit 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Out of this for solid gain to focus on MJNA bounce, whewww, too many plays


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