Total Profits:

Entry comments: Partial position on this STT news play, continues to sell out on Amazon, goal is to sell in the .11s or .12s, could be fast, former runner, moves fast

Exit comments: Weak spiker here, shoulda woulda coulda held onto MFST which is up to the .0095s, I'm choosing the wrong ones to have patience on, not my day, but goal is to protect, protect, protect with the Nasdaq down 2% and Bitcoin down big too, stay safe today


-$396 Loss
INKWLong Stock

Entry comments: More STT breaking news http://tim.ly/2Zlw72h another round of sold out water, goal is to sell for 10-20% bounce

Exit comments: No bounce here despite the news, I'm out for small losses, tried to be patient, but no thanks to this price action



Entry comments: Dip buy got filled

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, weak bounce, not gona get aggressive, OZSC spiking more, I shoulda given that oe more time, good lesson


-$486 Loss
INKWLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy into this runner, intraday panic, goal is to sell for 5-15% profits

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 is cut losses fast, see http://tim.ly/clq not gonna risk it since it's up so much the past 2 days, small losses are fine, potential rebuy into any bigger panic



Entry comments: Partial execution on this strong http://tim.ly/fgdotc2 pattern with news of their new water selling out on Amazon, closing strong, goal is to profit 10-20% overnight

Exit comments: Beautifulllll spike into the close yesterday and nice little gap up today so I'll take it ad not get greedy, probly better dip buy into any big intraday panic


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