Total Profits:

Entry comments: Dip buying this failed NFT play into massive selloff, goal is to profit 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Out for small gains as my Etrade just crashed during live webinar, what a mess, gotta focus on LTNC which is now panicking, potential dip buy if the panic is big enough



Entry comments: Dip buying this big premarket spiker that got up to 6+, in the same space as GNUS/CIDM, goal is to sell into a bounce in the 4s, nothing huge but good risk reward after such a big drop off earlier highs

Exit comments: Couldn't get to the 4s so I'm taking what the market can give me, gotta focus more on pure plays like CIDM/GNUS/DLPN, this one was weaker than I thought


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