Total Profits:
-$190 Loss
OCEALong Stock

Entry comments: One more speculative dip buy on this big runner that looks to have leveled off after a big drop off its highs...lots of shorts involved, I'd love to see a bounce back to the 8s, not sure if I'll hold it overnight though

Exit comments: No big bounce, cut losses quickly, gotta stick to dip buys near the open, not afternoon, good reminder



Entry comments: Partial fill on this big spiker alerted by http://tim.ly/breaking2 whewwww, all the way to the 8.50s by the time I'm even typing this, goal is to sell in high 8s or low 9s

Exit comments: Whewwww, scary stock, got a partial fill, couldn't even sell in the high 8s, now its dropping but bouncing a bit off its lows so I'm out for a fast but scary profit...back to $9ish as I type this LOL


-$180 Loss
OCEALong Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this spiker that is now crashing off its highs, variation of the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, goal is to sell into a bounce in the $10s

Exit comments: No bounce so I'm cutting losses, remember http://tim.ly/clq at all times, safety first


$390 Profit
OCEAShort Stock

Entry comments: I got some borrows from http://tim.lly/zero and have to try this as it's just up due to a short squeeze from over-aggressive short sellers...this is why I'm a retired

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains here as more than the $ I'm just practicing my shorting as it's been a while...sorry for the typo, I was rushing, but SO grateful for http://tim.ly/zero to have shares to short, whewwww, probly goes to single digits but I have a busy day so singles are fine


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