Total Profits:

Entry comments: STT Breaking News alert here http://tim.ly/3vcUFsZ grabbing it on a dip off day highs of .0339 which I think it can retest, former runner, goal is to profit 10-20%, cut losses if it can't keep spiking

Exit comments: Not spiking much, shoulda woulda coulda just stuck with MDMP which is up to .92, 13x my first buy yesterday, just astounding



Entry comments: Strong first green day, classic http://tim.ly/fgdotc2 pattern, goal is to sell in the .03s later today or tomorrow, such a nice chart here, former multiday runner too

Exit comments: Tried to be patient but large stuff right at .03, I'll play it safe and have no overnight positions so I can be ready for potential morning panic dip buys near the open tomorrow, could be a busy one given all the big runners, especially TSNP


-$224 Loss
SINGLong Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this recent multiday runner spiking o this news http://tim.ly/3pmtTep usually a precursor to a pump, buying off its highs at .03, I think it can break above that

Exit comments: Not breaking out here so I'll take a small loss and protect myself, focus is on SNPW



Entry comments: Dip buying this giant panic, one last dip buy today, classic http://tim.ly/bestpattern pattern

Exit comments: Nice late day bounce here too, this market is just absolutely insane, normally I wouldn't dip buy anything this late day but in this market I'm pushing it and being rewarded, now nearly $30k on the day for me



Entry comments: Buying the breakout on this runner, smaller position due to it being midday but I think this can get to the high .02s or .03s even in this crazy market

Exit comments: Nice midday winner, not gonna get greedy, potential re-buy closer to the close but probly better for a morning panic tomorrow or Wednesday


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