Total Profits:
$67 Profit
CGRALong Stock

Entry comments: Smaller position than yesterday since panic isn't as big but it looks like it might be near bottoming, goal is to sell in the .03s,

Exit comments: Zzzzzz small gain, not big panic and no big bounce and now lots of sellers n the .028s so I'll jsut exit with puny gain and be safe, maybe a bigger intraday panic sometime today that'll be worth dip buying but right now this just doesn't have enough volume/volatility to keep me sticking around



Entry comments: Trying a massive dip buy into panic on this former runner, small $ position though since its just eating through all the bids, some big sellers, but could bounce back to the .03s

Exit comments: I definitely sold DPLS wayyyyy too soon, but my conservatism paid off here as I waited for that ideal panic under .03 which opened up so much opportunity here as over-aggressive early dip buyers puked up their shares and created this solid dip buy opportunity...now just locking in the single even though its going higher at .033, very happy with my trades today in such an ugly market


$82 Profit
CGRALong Stock

Entry comments: I got a partial fill on this recent runner that is spiking big today and now taking out the day high as they tweeted, teasing upcoming news https://tim.ly/3uEuWuu and its down a ton off recent highs so I think this can bounce 10-20% more heading into next week, goal is to sell in the .07s or .08s

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains as all OTC runners are getting wrecked after the big CYBL cliff dive...big drops in OTC favorites like GDVM/ILUS too s it seems like a safety first kind of morning


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Entry comments: Dip buying the big morning panic on this recent runner, goal is 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: I'm taking the gain as all OTCs are getting hit hard now due to CYBL falling off a cliff...ILUS/GDVM getting hit too, be safe above all else



Entry comments: Partial fill on this play that should keep running all week due to this tweet that just came out https://tim.ly/3VGxljX teasing a change of control "this week" so my goal is for it to retest the recent highs in the high .04s and if it gets enough volume it can even get into the .05s, cut losses if it can't hold today's gain in the .04 area

Exit comments: I'm locking in this solid single as it loks to be having some trouble right at multiweek highs so I'm playing it safe, potential rebuy into any big morning panic or a more definitive breakout since the change of ownership news is still happening sometime later this week


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