Total Profits:

Entry comments: Partial fill on the breaking news engaging anti-illegal short selling service https://tim.ly/3m7Clla as this catalyst worked well a few weeks ago, Frank the Tank the promoter will likely hype this up, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Got a little spike but nothing huge and it looks like its having problems at .12ish so I'll take the single in this ugly market...gotta focus on GDVM panic, potential dip buy play


-$975 Loss
CLNVLong Stock

Entry comments: Selling looks to have dried up, I doubt I'll finish green on this today but gotta try again and see if I can still catch the bounce, good practice here after I was FAR too over-aggressive earlier, goal is to sell in the .07s or .08s

Exit comments: I was trying to give time, but not even a moral victory to be had here, just more losses, gonna do a VERY useful video lesson on this stay tuned, someone selling biggggg



Entry comments: I'm back in and bigger, I was just too early/too aggressive before, still think this can bounce

Exit comments: Too aggressive once again, I gotta have more patience, silly undisciplined losses



Entry comments: Partial fill on the dip buy of this recent runner, already bouncing even as I type this, goal is to sell in the .10s or .11s, gotta be fast

Exit comments: Silly loss, I started in wayyyy too early, now just trying to limit my mistake, could still drop to the .07s before bouncing



Entry comments: Partial fill on this morning spiker with news https://tim.ly/3qaYuhs its run big in the past, lets see how far it can go, solid revenue estimates so good hype for promoters to use, goal is to sell in the .09s or .10a

Exit comments: No big spike and volume is weak so I'm out for small gains, worth a shot given how much it spiked the past few days, but right now it just doesn't seem to have the momentum so I'll watch for better action to re-buy



Entry comments: Despite the ugly overall market this renewable energy play has been running all week as the CEO is live tweeting his meetings from India, the latest tweet of note is this one https://tim.ly/3MG1pZd saying how he's meeting with BHEL next week and BHEL is a multi-billion dollar company. I'm not sure if they'll have a PR, but almost definitely they'll have more tweets and this stock has been spiking on every last tweet. Goal is to sell in the .08s or .09s, nothing huge, but good risk/reward here

Exit comments: I sold my remaining shares as we did get a lot of tweets over the weekend and now a premarket PR here https://tim.ly/3t7rDMf but their official press conference isn't until Saturday now and it's a long week whereas they previously hinted it would be towards the beginning of this week so I'm out for safe profits. Potential rebuy later this week, we'll see what else they tweet and if there's more uptrending into that press conference, still a nice little win here


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Entry comments: I wanted to wait until later in the day but this keeps making new highs so I had to grab some, they are live tweeting their trip to India https://twitter.com/CleanVisionCorp with expected news next week so let's see how far they can push it since renewable energy is hot right now, goal is to sell in the .07s or .08s

Exit comments: Nice ramp into the close, I won't risk it since the market is ugly and it nearly hit my goals, that dip buy in the .05s realllly made this worthwhile, solid single!



Entry comments: I bought this recent runner due to this news they just released https://tinyurl.com/3br9ysm5 talking about a shareholder call they're having next Wednesday, a PERFECT upcoming catalyst for a play that was spiking big earlier this week. I don't think most people see this news, but they likely will see it later today/over the weekend and since this play has come down from the .07s earlier this week all the way down to .03ish, there's much more upside potential, my goal is to sell in the .04s

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful gap up despite me selling 1/2 my position a little too early Friday just in case...I might be playing it too are here too, but its hit my goals and now its just a potential re-buy into any intraday panics...it's good to sell into strength and buy the dips, congrats to everyone on this one


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Entry comments: Speculative position in this runner with solid pump article today https://tim.ly/2WwBFZO we've been seeing multiday runners lately, lets see how far it an go, goal is to profit 10-20%, not sure if I'll hold overnigght

Exit comments: Small gain, disappointing given how LCLP/RGBP gapped up better


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