Total Profits:

Entry comments: I'm buying some of this former Supernova that looks to be promoted again, CLASSIC http://tim.ly/fgdotc pattern here, similar to HCNWF a few days ago and I was FAR too conservative there so let's see how far this can go...obviously its risky since its a promo but 30-50% upside, cut losses quickly if no follow through s good risk/reward here and I'm catching it on a dip off the da highs in the .22s

Exit comments: I'm out for small profits, there are some trades in the .20-.21 area, but the spread is wide, not as much volume as I like and the overall market is ugly today so I'll just lock in my single and play it safe...potential re-buy on any big panic or breakout



Entry comments: Buying the big panic on this recent runner that tends to bounce nicely, goal is 10-20%, just wish it had more volume that's why my position size is so small

Exit comments: Absolutely stunning bounce, it got up tot he 4s and probly will again but its nearly 4am here for me and I'm so exhausted...but I'm trading in the middle of the night and nailing these bounces, you have NO excuse if you're missing these gimmies, especially CLOW since its done this so many times before


$40 Profit
CLOWLong Stock

Entry comments: I got a whopping 100 shares on this perfect http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, gal is to make 10-205 although the $ amount is irrelevant, good pattern though

Exit comments: Got the perfect bounce as this play ALWAYS seems to prove, the only problem is my absolutely pathetic position size...congrats to those who were quicker, on this seconds mattered, coulda woulda shoulda gotten 1-2k and made $500-$1,000, at least you now see the process here, probable better morning panic tomorrow so be prepared



Entry comments: Finally got some wifi and I see this massive CLOW morning panic so I have to take a small position, goal is to sell in the 3s on the bounce...CLASSIC panic here http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern

Exit comments: PERFECT http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic and bounce, this one has been very consistent, it probably bounces more but I'm trading from the airport and with a fever so not ideal at all, just glad to be a part of the predictable setup, now 3.30 too, whewww, congrats to all dip buyers here, so much easier than CLNV LOL



Entry comments: PERFECT morning panic, called perfectly in premarket video, only got partial fill though grrrrr, same http://tim.l/sykesmorning panic pattern as always, 5-10% bounce is the goal

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but nice little winner for me, more importantly, I called this one 100% PERFECTLY in today's premarket video lesson https://tim.ly/3i88NBR that too few people are watching...focus on these perfect patterns, the odds are just so incredibly high if you're patient/disciplined



Entry comments: Partial position, panic on this one, same EXACT pattern as CVSI a few days ago, turned out to be a 30-%+ morning spiker, I think it might've even been last Friday, goal is to make 10-20%, keep it safe

Exit comments: Little breakout over yesterday's bounce attempt, but nothing huge, big sellers. at 1.60ish, made back my losses from yesterday that's about it


-$15 Loss
CLOWLong Stock

Entry comments: Got a partial position on this dip buy, using yesterdays lows in the 1.20s as my guide, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce, pathetic tiny position

Exit comments: No quick or big bounce like. yesterday's 40% bounce near the open then 60% bounce midday, so I'm out for a small loss of $1...literally $1 not $1/share, just $1



Entry comments: Nailed the bottom on this classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic nice execution IB, aiming for 10-20% bounce

Exit comments: So beautiful, nice 20% gains for me so I won't get greedy, SAME EXACT http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern as always, there are 650+ video lessons on this one pattern at http://tim.ly/syk3esdipbuys congrats to a lot of students this time who nailed it from 1.90-2.05 entries, a lot of you guys beat me as preparation is key and this pattern is a gimmie! Now 2.45 and climbing but I nailed my plan so I won't get greedy


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