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Entry comments: Partial fill on this big bouncer, big drop over the past few days after an incredible multiday runup and now its gone red to green on the day so let' see how far this can bounce, goal is to make 5-15%, nothing huge, but big 5 million share bidder protecting me at .005 if I'm wrong

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but its boring midday and now the markets are fading and this one is looking tired after this 30%+ bounce so I'll take my single and lock in profits, nothing huge, but nice to see OTC runners bouncing quite nicely again, CLOW I underestimated bigtime so I gotta learn to be more aggressive the next few days



Entry comments: I bought some of this former Supernova on breaking news https://tim.ly/33eXC2D they're getting into crypto, late day news on plays like this usually means promoters will hype it up all night long, goal is to sell into a spike in the .014s or .015s today or tomorrow, not much risk since the news just came out and it hasn't moved much and this stock has been basing the past few days

Exit comments: Nice to get a solid win in despite my not feeling that great and perhaps I'm underestimating it too as its testing .016 day highs as I type this but this stock has let me down in the past before so I'm playing extra safe and locking in this single here, thx STT Breaking News http://tim.ly/breaking for this one



Entry comments: Partial fill on STT News alert, new partnership news, its run big in the past, goal is 5-10% profits

Exit comments: Wheewwwwww, STT News is on fire lately, the latest example of why EVERYONE should be using http://tim.ly/breaking daily, what a runner!



Entry comments: Late day breakout and I'm catching it on a dip, lets' see what more can it do during power hour, goal is to profit 5-10%, not sure if I['ll hold overnight, depends o how it closes

Exit comments: Wanted to give it more time, but that was an ugly double top just now at previous day highs at .056, can't reward that and I don't feel like stressing over the weekend anyway as this one has disappointed me in the past so I just play it safe here



Entry comments: Partial execution on this STT breaking enws http://tim.ly/2XDuvjG it usually runs a few hours on news, goal is to profit 10-20% here, hot niche/sector/price range

Exit comments: Zzzzzz no big breakout so I'm out with small gains, CLWD bounced more so I underestimated that, I'll stick with bounce plays, MGTI and WNDW finally coming down a bit, I need some full blown panics



Entry comments: Breaking news former runner, I got partial fill, thx to whoever alerted this in challenge chat, goal is to profit 10-20%, could be fast as usual with this one

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rocket thx to my student KQureshi who alerted challenge chat, always remember former runners with new news, not going to ge greedy here, just making a dent in my earlier losses



Entry comments: Partial execution on this former runner spiking on news of rollout of mobile corona testing labs, STT Breaking News play, wanted bigger position, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast

Exit comments: Decent little bounce back to the .04s, but not near day highs and now struggling just to hold .04 so I'll play it extra-safe in this market and midday no less, small gain but safe



Entry comments: Partial execution on this late day runner breaking out first green day OTC pattern, rumors of media event next week, popular with promoters, hot OTC market, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: Whew, what a rocketship, thanks to a few people in chat who alerted this, was planning on holding over the weekend, but its hit all my goals and more so I won't get greedy...it's not .0499 so probly played too safe, but I wasn't even looking to trade this afternoon but can't ignore this insane OTC market right now, MUST WATCH video lesson coming this weekend



Entry comments: I'm back in one more time as it looks to be closing strong enough for a chance at a strong finish/gap up/morning spike next week as more people read over the weekend about their Walmart news, goal is to sell in the .08s again

Exit comments: PERFECT gap up to sell into on so many people hearing about Walmart news over the weekend



Entry comments: I'm back in with larger size since its consolidated well and should retest day highs at .077, would love to sell in the .08s or .09s and remember today is the just the first green day of this OTC with big news so it can run longer too, not sure if I'll h0old overnight

Exit comments: Got the breakout over .077 up to the .080s but now it can't hold this new level and the breakout is not convincing, I just don't trust this stock, good to sell into strength, potential dip buy again into any big dip or closer to the market close


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